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7 Tips for Moving Home with a Toddler

Relocating in a new place is a challenge itself, and when a baby is involved while you are moving your home, this challenge multiplies ten-fold. Moving with kids is a big deal for any family. You have to pack everything up, juggling over boxes, transport you and your family to the new place, and then unpack everything and schedule it accordingly. Sounds stressful? Yes, it is. That’s why most of the families hire Melbourne Removals to minimise the stress of moving with kids.

Australia’s population has been reported as one of the most mobile people in the world. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 40% of all Australian kids moved at least once from 1996 to 2001. Of these children, 14 percent were aged from 0-4 years, 57.59 percent were aged from 5-7 years, 49 percent were 8-12 years, and 44.41 percent were 13-18 years of age.

The current study concluded that children moved on average 2.5 times between birth to eighth grade.

Changes are never easy for small children; that’s why you need to be extra careful when you are planning to move your house with your kids.

Plan all your relocation logistics and baby-proofing strategies ahead of time because it is vital to have a plan. This will help you in a successful and anxiety-free move as possible.

Below are the seven tips that can help ease the process when you are moving with a toddler: 

  •  Announce the move: 

Talk to your kids about the upcoming move. They won’t understand everything, but you can give them an idea about the move. Generally, children often worry that they will be left behind. So try acting a scene with their stuffed toys. Act like your child and the whole family is going together to a new place. Announcing your move to your kids will help them know what to expect.

  • Make a list of your packing items:

Try to pack essentials and non-essential items of your baby in separate boxes. It will help you to understand what you need the most during the moving process to take with you. There are essentials like- diapers, clothing, a small blanket, wipes, milk bottle, snacks, sippy cups, medication, thermometer, a favourite toy. Make sure you have plenty of snacks and milk for your kids. Keep your child as distracted as possible.

  • Give your kids something to do: 

Involve your kids in the moving process. Give them a box to fill up their stuff and let them decorate their box with stickers or ribbons. However, they can’t do any major help, but even a small task can make a smile on their face. Giving them a task will make them busy so that you can focus on other essential work during your move.

  • Seek a kid-friendly moving company: 

On moving day, you might be busy coordinating everything, which will leave your children feeling neglected. But there are many moving companies out there who have a special arrangement to take care of your kid on moving day. Find a moving company and check out if they offer any special services toward children. Moving companies have different creative ways to engage kids on moving day so that you can do other work without any stress.

  • Keep your child’s routine the same, as much as possible:

While raising a baby, a proper routine is necessary for their growth. We understand that maintaining a napping and eating schedule is quite difficult during the move, but try to keep your baby’s routine the same. Don’t add more changes because of the stressful moving process. Change in your baby routine is not helpful for both you and your baby. Moreover, a scheduled routine of the kid will help the parents to maintain their sanity.

  • Seek help when moving house:

When you are relocating your home, you will need every extra set of hands possible. So don’t feel uncomfortable to accept any help which is offered. Get your parents or your friend to take care of your baby during the move. The grandparents will love to spend time with their grandchild. This will give you peace of mind, and you can pack all of your belongings without worrying too much. You can also take help by hiring moving and packing service providers. This way, you can focus on your child rather than packing and lifting your household goods. This will help you to maintain your baby’s daily routine without any hampering.

  • Pack your toddler’s room last:

While packing all your belongings leave your kid’s room untouched for as long as you can. Pack all your kid’s belongings in the last. This will bring less stress to the kid, and he will be playing or sleeping in his room. Make sure that you load your kid’s boxes last in the van. This way, when you reach your new destination, your kid’s boxes will come out first. Unpack your children’s belongings first to make them comfortable in the new place. They will feel more secure if they have all of their belongings with them as soon as possible.  

Final Thoughts

For making your moving process smooth with your toddler, all you can do is do your best to remain calm, cautious, and organised. Just follow the tips mentioned above to make your work more easy and simple. Keep these strategies in mind to make the new house a safe and happy home for your baby. Best of luck!

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