Safe Grocery Shopping

5 Tips for Safe Grocery Shopping during Covid 19

The second wave of the pandemic has already started sweeping over many countries while it looms over the horizon in others. Despite all the calls for staying at home, there are certain essential tasks you must manage. I want to share some of my pro tips on grocery shopping in Germany in the safest way possible.

  1. Wear your Safety Armour to Protect yourself.

Most grocery stores I visit have adopted the safety guidelines and recommendations. One such Indian shop in Berlin is Spice Village supermarket. Still, it is imperative that we follow the safety protocols such as:

  • Wash your hands & wear a proper mask before leaving home
  • Always carry a hand sanitizer
  • Face covers or face shields are also a good idea
  • Disinfect your shopping cart before you start shopping
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Try to visit the supermarket at slower (less busy) hours like weekdays
  • Maintain social distancing from other shoppers or store staff
  • Choose contactless payment methods

It’s a good thing many stores allow only a particular number of shoppers inside at a time and also limit the number of shoppers in an isle or billing queues. Life has become easier with stores providing online shopping in Germany. So that is definitely an option I’ll discuss soon.

  • Plan your Trip for a Safe Visit

Wasting time musing over the products and trying to remember your actual needs is surely a no-no. Prepare a list of items you need before handand prefer going to the store that will accommodate all your requirements. My diet being indo-asian, I prefer shopping at Indian grocery stores in Germany that also sell a wide range of Asian items.

It is important to stay focused and organized while shopping to save yourself from the trouble of second visits in the same week!

  • Less People, the Better

If everyone decides to come in 3s or 4s, social distancing will become strenuous. I prefer shopping alone and suggest the same. Why risk exposing more people in your family or home when one can easily achieve the task?

Especially if you have kids and some adult at home to take care of them while you run the grocery errand, it is a great safety idea.

  • Back at Home Dos & Don’ts

The line of defense extends back home as well. Once back with the grocery items here are the things you can do:

  • Place the bags on the floor
  • Wash your Hands
  • Remove items one by one discarding the disposable bags
  • Wash the reusable bags or sanitize them
  • Rinse off the vegetables and fruits with water
  • Packaged items can be disinfected as required
  • Wash your hands again
  • Online Shopping in Germany is the Way to Go

With more supermarkets going virtual, online shopping has become a viable option. Personally, I feel, buying my Indian grocery online is much safer and easier as I can really sit and browse the variety as well as order at my own sweet time.

Take advantage of such online supermarket services being offered around you. It makes stay at home possible and is a blessing for those who wish to rest over the weekend.

There are stores like Spice Village supermarket that deliver in major cities across Europe. So, one doesn’t have to worry about supplies not being available at your local store. Just go online and place your order!


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