Logistics And Packaging

How To Achieve Efficiency In The Logistics And Packaging Process

On this occasion, we not only want to talk about packaging processes and machines, but we are going to give much more general tips or tricks that every company must take into account to achieve efficient logistics.

Efficient logistics: How to achieve it?

We are specialists in packaging machinery, but the packaging is part of a complete production process formed as a consequence of each process of transformation and handling of a final product in which all the pieces have to fit together to achieve complete efficiency.

So, don’t miss these tricks to answer the question How to achieve efficient logistics? and you will see how the production process of your company improves thanks to the logistics tricks that we have learned throughout our experience of more than 70 years in different sectors and companies and the components of the logistics strategy.

Tricks to improve your logistics strategy

Tricks taking into account different aspects that enter into the winning logistics strategy we will discuss the following 6 points summarized in tips to create an effective logistics strategy:

1. Geographical location of the company

This is a step that must be taken before even having the production plant set upon which to design all the logistics and its optimization. However, it should also be considered as part of it and it will be very important to do a preliminary study in which the location of suppliers and customers is detailed, as well as the routes and possible means to transport the goods from one place to another efficiently.

It is so important that it will directly affect the required storage capacity, the cost of transport vehicles and their consumption, or the speed of deliveries that the company may have. We have already said that it is something that must be taken into account before acquiring the work plant, but there are cases in which it will be interesting to do this study a posteriori because although the investment of changing the location is very high, it can be profitable long term from the point of view of business objectives.

2. Logistics according to the type of production cycle design

Once we have our plant well located in the optimal place according to the defined parameters, it is time to reflect on what type of work we are going to develop. Based on that, we will decide the size of the plant and its organization. Fundamentally, we distinguish five types of production processes which we will improve according to your objective:

2.1 By project

These are the processes that focus on manufacturing a product of great complexity or size, such as the assembly of airplanes. Therefore, for these, it will be necessary to have a plant organized around large products, since such a product should not be transported.

2.2 Workshops

Typically, companies seeking to manufacture small batches of products of a certain similarity are organized as workshops. In such a way that, by manufacturing so few products, it will not compensate for having a manufacturing plant with different sections.

2.3 Batch

This is very similar to the previous one, only that the batches are larger and, then, it is already worth having several sectors in the manufacturing plant through which the products will pass in their different phases of production.

2.4 Assembly lines

The most common case is in the automotive industry, where the car is automatically transported through rails or belts, and operations are carried out on it.

2.5 Continuous flow

Here we look for logistics very similar to that of the assembly lines, only that stops are avoided. For example, in the case of cars, transport will be done intermittently, since it will have to stop at certain times to carry out operations such as screwing, assembling, etc. With the continuous flow, these stops are avoided, and it is widely used in the food industry.

3. Periodic review of the process

Whatever the type of optimal production process for your company, it is essential to incorporate mechanisms that allow you to analyze the status of the production process. Either manually or automatically, without an organized regular review, logistics may not be improved on time and serious damage will occur.

4. Software adapted for warehouse management and logistics processes

Nowadays, it is really unthinkable to have an efficient company, both in logistics and in other aspects, without having computer programs that help the management of the company and the handling of goods. But in terms of logistics, we mainly find two types of software that will be an essential trick to nurture this article:

  • Quality Control logistics programs: They are in charge of analyzing the final quality of the products and analyzing if there are points of improvement.
  • Productivity analysis programs: They are used to detect what factors affect productivity and, with it, how to increase efficiency, producing more with less.

5. Automation Machinery

How could it be otherwise, we had to mention automation and the advantages it offers in reducing time and resources in the short and long term.

So, the most interesting medium, the long-term objective will be to have a plant with automatic machines with the right supplier for their maintenance.

Of course, as long as you have the means and it is going to be profitable, where the packaging process is one of the optimal due to its reduction in human resources and repetitive tasks, a fact that will allow you to reduce costs and increase the number of processes carried out in the same day, since you can pack efficiently and quickly, thus improving your logistics processes in the packaging line.

6. Flexibility

Finally, we want to give you the advice to establish flexible logistics, capable of adapting to unforeseen events, changes in products, and the growth of the company.

If with all these tips we get the company to grow, but the logistics do not finish adapting, it will not be efficient logistics.

Conclusion on the efficient logistics of your company

Our recommendation is that you carry out an internal analysis of the logistics processes of your company to assess what improvements you can make by following the points discussed throughout the article. On the other hand, if you think you need to resolve any questions regarding automated or semi-automatic packaging machinery, do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly help you.


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