Bedroom Interior Design

Top 8 Bedroom Interior Design Trends to Look out for in 2022

Do you like to surround yourself with the latest bedroom interior design trends for the year 2022?  If your answer is yes, we would like to help you spruce up your bedroom interior design, turning it into a relaxing sanctuary to rest and recuperate. 

In the previous years’, neutral tones and muted colors were popular, but now there is a sudden increase in daring and loud colors.

 While most homeowners want to move away from minimalistic interior schemes to brighter design choices, Spacejoy has a couple of the latest bedroom interior design trends for you to choose from, to create an electrifying bedroom ambiance. 

From statement wallpaper and creative wall finishes such as polished plaster to bold and colorful fabrics and bed linen, we want to help you inject personality into your homes, which should be no different in the bedroom.

Therefore, the better decorated and designed it is, the more you will enjoy it every time you spend there. Let’s introduce you to some of the simple bedroom interior design ideas for 2022. 

Bedroom colors will rule 2022:  For the longest time, colors like white, gray, and beige were used to transmit calm in a bedroom interior. However, 2022 will see a big transformation from neutral shades to dark tones. Colors like dark brown, charcoal gray, and black will be incorporated. Gray will be used in excess and combined with white to add character and depth to space. Another trend which will gain more popularity is black and white or monochrome, which is a very dynamic and effective combination, especially for a modern bedroom.

Headboards are coming back on the charts: The warm wooden headboards which ruled the market in recent years will be left aside to pave the way to sophisticated and fluffy ones. The year 2022 will see an infusion of headboards in varied textures, colors, and patterns – from high geometric headboards in monochrome colors and smooth textures to provide a balance of comfort. Tall, neoclassical headboards in velvet textures and diamond patterns to creative headboards with thin metal grilles decorated with photos, posters, and lamps will rule 2022.

Statement beds will do the talking: Your bed should be the star of the bedroom wall murals. Tall, vibrant, and oversize are features of a statement bed for 2022. For tall statement beds, tufted or fluting detailing are a huge trend. Vibrant colors, striking patterns, and vivid shapes are features to consider when picking a statement bed. Velvet textures are a must; they ooze luxury and royalty while paying homage to the Art deco era’s details. 

Let’s bring more of the outside indoors: A plant can add very subtle detail to the bedroom, but for the year 2022, it is the most important bedroom interior décor. Even if you still prefer a luxurious bedroom interior, a little touch of an eco-vibe will hardly be superfluous. Introducing plants to your bedroom décor will bring in added light, freshness, and naturalness to the interiors—place plants on the windowsills, shelves, and dressing tables. Don’t forget to choose the right pots too – glass, ceramics, and wicker pots are some of the options.

Work with better and clever storage space: To aim for a calm and restful bedroom, eliminate the unwanted clutter. For a small bedroom interior design, use an elongated wall cupboard to serve you with better traffic space. Master bedroom interior designs should welcome wall mirrors, which can be transformed into an in-built dresser. Create movable shelves for easy movement in the bedroom according to the requirement.

Environmentally friendly pieces will enhance the bedroom: Coastal interior designs of a bedroom usually have a ton of wicker and seagrass baskets for that extra storage space. This 2022, say hello to environmentally friendly pieces of furniture in the bedroom. You can also use natural wood and bamboo, as they have a long-lasting shelf time and will never go out of trend.

Lighting will play up many tricks:  Lighting will be one of the biggest game-changers in the bedroom design trends for 2022. On the other hand, it is time to say yes to natural light in the bedroom, making way for floor-to-ceiling windows and smaller-scaled walls. You can also get creative with ceiling lights, but try to keep it simple and classic. Arch floor lamps and rotational wall lamps will also take center stage in 2022.

There will be a focus on the floor: 2022 will welcome more use of natural flooring. Non-polished marble flooring, terracotta floors, laminate flooring, solid hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring are in great demand. All of these natural floors display a rustic look and feel. Therefore, it will dominate to be one of the best bedroom interior design trends.


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