Why is IoT the Future of Mobile App Development

The IoT or Internet of things is taking over the technological world at a rapid speed. From converting regular devices or home appliances into wireless to making vehicles drive themselves, IoT has made everything possible. In this modern world, where everything works on its own by using some codes and hardware, IoT puts life in them by being the communication bridge between them.

Well, you must have noticed that modern electronic devices such as Air Conditioners, Televisions, fans, speakers, etc can be controlled from your smartphones. You just need to install a supporting application for your device, and it gives you the accessibility to control them without their dedicated remote controllers. IoT has a huge role in that.

Now, if we talk from the perspective of app developers, IoT is going to bring many new opportunities in the world of developers. Shortly, almost every electronic device or vehicle will want to adopt IoT to survive in the industry. It will result in opening opportunities for new or experienced application developers.

How Does IoT Combined with mobile applications work?

IoT is a technology that makes communication or transfer of information possible without any limitation of wired connections. It helps users in interacting with objects around them and controlling them with the help of remotes or mobile apps.

Well, in simple words, IoT based applications send data into devices through signals. Accordingly, the receiver device responds and reacts. Due to the convenience, IoT has brought into the customer’s world, it is getting popular. Modern customers are demanding wireless technologies more and more every day, it has resulted in increased demands and competition among business owners as well.

Increased Popularity Of Open Source Mobile App Development

Now when organizations will want to make their apps or devices compatible with multiple other existing or future applications, the culture of developing Open Source mobile applications will boost. Mobile developers will focus on releasing more open source applications to make sure that future developers or other organizations can use their codes and build apps with more compatibility with their products.

Additionally, these apps will also help new developers in understanding expert app development protocols. They will be able to use these open source app codes and build compatible applications for platforms.

Hybrid App Development Will Be In Demand

Hybrid apps will be able to execute multiple tasks with the help of IoT. Hence, the demand for these apps will increase. It will open more opportunities for developers to build apps compatible with multiple devices or platforms.

The best thing about Hybrid App will be the reduction in the average cost of android app development. Developers will no longer have to create multiple applications to support multiple devices for any particular organization. They will be able to build one app with features supporting multiple products offered by the particular organization.

Mobile App Development Cost reduction

With the help of open source and hybrid app development, the cost of mobile development is reducing. Now, developers do not need to begin from scratch to build an app supporting devices. However, building one app for multiple devices is very beneficial for small developers or app development companies as they get to save more money with the help of the same.

Industrial Revolution

IoT is not going to help customers only but it will also help industries and product manufactures. Now, with the help of IoT, it is easy to control robots and make them do heavier or regular tasks. Adapting machines will reduce production costs, and increase the accuracy of the work. IoT is going to make it possible for industries by helping them in establishing a network of such machinery laborers.

Home Automation and Increased Security

Modern IoT supporting devices are capable of working without switch buttons or remote. Home appliances like speakers, air conditioners, or lights can be controlled with either voice commands, smartphones or signals like claps. It is getting popular amongst customers due to the comfort it provides. And to match this on-demand delivery service of IoT, mobile apps will have a huge role in the future.

Now, if we talk about security, IoT devices are an important need. IoT devices can help users in controlling their CCTVs with the help of mobile apps from anywhere. They can travel and use their smartphones to end their paranoia. Moreover, IoT also enables modern locks in alerting near security authorities in cases of robberies or forced entries. Financial sectors for banks have already adapted this technology in many countries.

Boost in VR or AR Gaming

Whenever we talk about IoT, AR, and VR gaming industries are very important to mention. Now, some mobile game developers have adapted IoT to use it for entertainment too. IoT enables real-world objects or environments in becoming a part of the virtual world of gaming applications. And game developers are using this opportunity to make money and provide the audience with exactly what they want.

The mobile gaming industry covers around 47% of the market. Implementing IoT in the gaming sector will not only give game developers a high position, but it will also give players something new.

However, some of these examples already exist in the form of gaming sensors. There are gaming devices players can use like Wireless steering wheel controllers for Playstation and PC based racing games.

Shortly, IoT may become a part of almost every sector. Some of these sectors like healthcare, construction, food delivery, cab services, etc have already adapted this technology. And now, while the demand for IoT devices is increasing, app developers are seeing rapid growth in new opportunities as well.


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