Gift ideas for kids

Gift ideas for kids

Here is a list of ideas we have curated to help you purchase gifts for kids

  1. Books

A book is a great gift for kids and it can instill the habit of reading in them very early on. But good quality books are a little hard to find, so they make great gifts. Don’t worry, we sifted through a large number of books and narrowed it down to a few. Here’s a collection of kid’s books that are must haves and make great gifts

  • Little blue truck written by Alice Schertle is a great book that is about kindness and teamwork.
  • Guess how much I love you is a good pick if your kid loves illustrations
  • Giraffes can’t dance by Giles Andreae is about learning to appreciate yourself and embracing uniqueness
  • Organic clothes

There’s been a rise in awareness about organic brands in the recent days and more parents are increasingly cautious about the choices they make for their children. Buy organic cotton baby clothes and do not experiment with other fabrics.Organic Cotton, baby blankets andmuslin wraps are a good pick to wrap your baby . There are a wide range of organic brands that you can choose from. Look for certificates of authenticity when you are shopping. For e.g. Tiny Twigs has GOTS certification. GOTS is the leading textile standard for organic cotton.

  • Toys

When you are looking for gift toys, always stick to wooden or plush toys. Do not buy plastic toys, they are harmful to the baby as well as the environment. Buy toys that use natural colours and check for their authenticity as many contain toxic substances. It is advisable to purchase toys made out of neem wood as they are non toxic and eco-friendly. The toy should stimulate the kid’s imagination and open ended. Learning through play is a great way to pick out toys.

  • Scrapbook

You can give a scrap book with a memory timeline, if you want to give something personal. The child will never outgrow the gift and will have a memory of his or her childhood. You can also add a few pictures and write a note for the kid when you give it to them. This makes it a very thoughtful gift.

  • Customisable gift box

Make your own gift box or buy a gift bundle from the store. If you are not happy with the gift bundles at the shop or you want to make it extra special you can make your own gift box and add small gifts for both the mom and kid to make them feel special. You can buy organic skincare products or an amazon gift card. There are a range of options for you.


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