Bathroom Interior Design Trends to Brighten Up 2022

Interior design plays a key role in making your house cozy and functional. With the right idea, you can have the prettiest bedroom and utilize each corner of the kitchen. According to interior design statistics,  more people have been turning to home renovations since the start of the pandemic.

Even though you might spend the least amount of time in your bathroom, you can still create an oasis that will make every minute spent inside worth it. Below, you will find the latest bathroom trends bound to give you an idea or two.

Larger Chandeliers

While wall sconces are most people’s go-to, you might want to consider statement lightning. Drum pendants or a grand chandelier could brighten up your space by giving it the individual touch. Oversized chandeliers are yet another trend worth looking into in 2022.

Nature in Your Bathroom

If you thought about including elements of flora and fauna in your bathroom decor, you are on the right track. This year marked an increased interest in foliage and blooms. Add some floral or green wallpapers to accentuate the walls and enhance the overall natural look of your bathroom. If you are ready to go further, you might want to bring in a few animal sculptures.

Marble Moments

Marble is a beautiful natural material that comes in various colors and patterns. It can make your bathroom look luxurious. If you are up for experimenting, you might want to splash on some color like green, blue, or yellow. Use marbles to accentuate a particular element or brighten up an entire wall. There is not much space for mistakes with its delicate patterns and its clean, minimalistic look.

Brass Metals

You would frequently see brass and other metals in the ‘60s and ‘70s bathrooms. Today, brass is making a comeback. Chrome and steel remain the popular choice, yet these can make the room feel cold. Warmer metallic tones like brass and copper will most certainly make an impact and set the mood.

Natural Pigments

If your favorite tones are earthy, you will absolutely love this trend. There has been a shift towards warmer tones, like terracotta, rust, and caramel. You can contrast these earthy colors with black taps and basins. Include timber for more warmth to stay away from the cold and somewhat sterile feel.

Smart Technology

Introducing smart technology to your bathroom will enhance its functionality. There are auto demisting mirrors, LED temperature displays, automatic hand-wipe sensors, and many more devices to choose from.

Tub in the Center

While it demands more work, placing a tub in the center of your bathroom is an experiment worth performing. If you operate with enough space, centering the tub will give your bathroom a luxe feel. Centered tubs are especially suitable for homes with separate bathrooms.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is one of the robust natural materials. It is resistant to scratching, and it is easy to maintain. In 2022, designers decided it belongs in the bathrooms. Since its surface is less susceptible to fostering bacteria, you might want to place a quartz countertop in your bathroom. Notably, fine countertops might increase the value of your home.

Backlit Mirrors

Backlit mirrors and cabinets are an excellent choice. They are decorative and functional since they can replace the nightlight. What’s more, the mirror in these is placed in the focal point, making backlit mirrors great for accentuating the textured wall surfaces behind them.


With the suggestions listed above, you can turn your bathroom into a comfy and elegant space. Use more prominent chandeliers, spice things up with marble, and introduce brass metals to create a unique interior. Don’t forget to utilize the power of smart technology to make your bathroom even more functional.


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