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12 Questions You should Always Ask Your Custom Home Builder

Are you going to build or renovate? That will cost you a lot of money and time. Do you want to prevent the construction project from turning out more expensive than foreseen, causing unnecessary stress, or not going exactly as desired? Then ask your custom home builder these 12 questions.

1. Do I have to do something myself before meeting my custom home builder for the first time?

Before calling a custom home builder, it is best to put all your plans on paper. What has a priority? And what could happen later? What do your budget and preliminary planning look like? If you have all this in order, you will get a lot further during the first meeting with the custom home builder.

Also handy: check whether the custom home builder you have in mind is affiliated with BouwGarant. This way, you can be sure that he has the right training and insurance, meets strict quality requirements, and is a member of the Disputes Committee.

2. Is requesting a quote from you free of charge?

Good to check because some custom home builders charge costs for issuing a quote. This is allowed, provided they state it in advance.

3. Can I present all my wishes to you?

Your custom home builder should be happy to answer this question because it is difficult for custom home builders to work if they do not know exactly what people want. Therefore, everything starts with an open and honest conversation with your custom home builder about your wishes and budget.

4. Can I already involve you in the design process?

It is smart to involve your custom home builder in the design phase. Often, when designing, information from suppliers and regulations is not taken into account. If a design later turns out to be incorrect, it is difficult to change anything. Your custom home builder can ensure that there is a design that can actually be implemented later.

5. Can you help make my home as sustainable as possible?

custom home builders are happy to advise you on sustainable solutions and improvements for construction or renovation. Tip: if you take out a Renovation or New Construction Guarantee, opt for an Energy Performance Guarantee immediately. This gives you the certainty that the intended savings will actually be achieved and that the work will be carried out properly and properly.

6. Which parties do you work with?

custom home builders work with a whole network of companies, such as masons, carpenters, and roofers. They know exactly what to do with each other and work together like a well-oiled machine. It is therefore usually not useful to ask companies yourself. Although you think you will save with this, it often turns out to be more expensive on balance.

7. Is my schedule realistic?

You probably have little or no experience with (re)building, making it difficult to do real planning. A custom home builder will be happy to assist you. Keep in mind that many works can follow after the actual building, such as painting, laying laminate, and hanging curtains.

8. What materials will you use?

It is good to record in the building contract which materials the custom home builder will use so that there is no hassle about this later on. This contract is very important anyway. You record in it, among other things, what the custom home builder will do exactly, how much this will cost, what the start and delivery date are, and whether resolutive conditions apply.

9. What exactly will it cost me?

This is a broad question that you should break down into several follow-up questions. Such as: what is included in the contract price? Is my budget realistic for my plans? Are there provisional posts, and is there a chance of additional work?

10. How much do I have to pay down?

A custom home builder must purchase materials before starting, so it makes sense to ask for a down payment. Common is 10 percent in advance, and 10 percent after delivery, with a number of terms in between that, depending on the size of the project. Never pay too much in advance; that entails risks.

11. What payment terms do you use?

It is normal for large projects to pay in installments. However, Zbranek & Holt Custom Homes advises home builders and clients to keep payments in line with the project’s progress.

12. Can you keep me informed of the progress? Of course, the custom home builder in Austin can do this. And he will! After all: the more contact you have, the smaller the chance of errors or misunderstandings. It is also good to watch the construction work every day. This way, you stay informed of everything, and any misunderstandings can be nipped in the bud immediately.


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