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How to Dry your Carpet at Home

In every house, a situation can happen when you accidentally wet the carpet, spill liquid on it, or you are cornily flooded by neighbours. First of all, the main thing is not to panic and immediately determine how much the carpet got wet and how much the large area of ​​wetness. After that, we continue to dry the carpet, following the advice on how to dry the carpet at home.

Naturally, the easiest and most correct option would be to contact a specialized dry-cleaner of carpets, which are engaged in drying carpets and carpets, this is very important if you need to dry a handmade carpet. Experts will be able to properly dry the carpet, preventing it from losing its shape, losing its colours and its former beauty, but for various reasons, not everyone will be able to call a dry cleaner, so we will consider how you can properly dry the carpet yourself at home.

How to dry a small wet area on the carpet

If you accidentally spill liquid, or in some other way it got on a certain area of ​​the carpet, then you must adhere to the following tips for drying the area of ​​the carpet:

  • If just water is spilled, then first you need to blot the wet place with a clean dry towel, sheet or other white cotton cloth, do not rub.
  • A washing vacuum cleaner can help well, but the main thing is not an ordinary one, which is not intended for wet cleaning! It can well collect water from the carpet, and if dirty water has been spilled, it can also clean the polluted place with clean water.
  • If the carpet is not large, or when water is spilled on the edge of the carpet, then it is better to raise this area by placing something under it for better air circulation. When drying, it is important not only to dry the surface of the carpet but also the base, which may deform or rot in the future.
  • Pay attention to the composition of the carpet, different materials react differently to liquid. Natural materials are more afraid of water. Such carpets must be thoroughly and carefully dried.
  • For drying, you can use a hairdryer, fan, heater, the main thing is not to blow hot air close to a wet place, this is harmful to the carpet.

How to dry a wet carpet at home

If your carpet is completely wet then another support for its proper drying is already needed:

  • If the carpet is silk or woollen with a high pile, then it is better to immediately contact professional carpet cleaners, whose specialists will help you dry such a carpet.
  • Using a rag, you first need to collect all the water around the carpet and then use a clean and dry rag to get the water from the carpet until the main part of the water comes out.
  • It is not advised to walk on a wet carpet, as it will be difficult to straighten the jammed pile later.
  • Remove heavy objects and furniture from a wet carpet, as it will permanently deform under the weight.
  • Do not lift a wet carpet unfolded, a completely wet carpet is several times heavier than in a dry state, it is better to carry it only when rolled up. Before moving the carpet onto the pile, it is better to lay a dry white sheet that will absorb moisture.
  • It’s good if the room has an air conditioner with a dehumidification function, or just a dehumidifier, it can help dry the carpet faster.
  • You cannot dry the carpet in direct sunlight, it is better if it is outside, dry in the shade or under a canopy.
  • A wet carpet, if it contains more than 20 per cent moisture by weight, cannot be dried by fixing it on a crossbar or pipe, as the base may be stretched and damaged.
  • The carpet must be dried on both sides! It is important that the base is dry as well.
  • If there is a lining under the carpet, then you should definitely get it out and dry it completely, just like the floor under the carpet.

The result of prolonged exposure to water on the carpet

If the carpet remains wet for a long time, then, depending on its composition, the following problems may arise:

  • Dyes will float, the pattern may be smeared.
  • If the carpet is glued, it may be damaged and the strength of the carpet will decrease.
  • Dirt on the surface of the carpet can be more absorbed into its structure and base, which will further complicate their removal.
  • A wet carpet can quickly develop bacteria and fungus, causing it to rot and give off an unpleasant odour.
  • Elements of natural origin lose their shape and deform under prolonged exposure to moisture.

Knowing and using these simple rules, you can dry the carpet at home, without losing its appearance and features, but still, it is always better to contact experts on this issue, since, having made just one mistake while drying, you can irrevocably ruin your carpet or carpet. If you know good methods and techniques for drying carpet, then write and advise in the comments to the article and share it on social media. networks so that your feedback on the correct drying of carpets will help others.


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