How to Wash Your Carpet at Home

Over time, small debris and dust can accumulate in the pile of the carpet, as well as difficult-to-remove stains appear, which simply cannot be cleaned and collected with an ordinary vacuum cleaner, then you need to contact a professional dry-cleaner, or thoroughly wash the carpet yourself at home.

Can carpets be washed?

The first steps to wash the carpet at home and figure out if it is possible to wash carpets at all? The answer is yes and no. Much depends on such factors:

  1. The composition of the Carpet:

Many natural materials do not like water, especially viscose and silk carpets. Many woollen carpets are also not recommended to be washed on their own, since not knowing all the intricacies of the washing process, you can ruin the entire carpet as a result. Carpets made of artificial materials are less susceptible to wet cleaning and washing, but they still need to be washed with special care.

  • Carpet production Method:

We do not recommend washing handmade carpets on your own at all, while wet carpet cleaning of such carpets you need to hire professional carpet cleaning services. Among machine-made carpets, it is not advisable to completely wash glue-based carpets.

  • Dyes in the carpet.

Low-quality, cheap carpets can use very weak dyes, which can shed when the pile gets wet, so before any wet cleaning or washing of carpets and carpets, check the effect of the liquid on the dyes in the carpet pile on a small inconspicuous area of ​​the product.

Preparing the carpet for washing

  1. Dry cleaning before washing the carpet, it is necessary to carefully collect all small debris and dust from it using an ordinary vacuum cleaner or a broom.
  2. Prepare or purchase the necessary special carpet detergents, brushes, clean white rags in advance.
  3. Prepare the room namely, wash the floor, remove interfering furniture. It is also desirable that this room be dry and warm, it could be easily ventilated and no one went there while the carpet was being washed.

Do’s and don’ts when washing carpets

  1. Leave the carpet wet for a long time. Washing should take place as quickly as possible; the carpet should not be soaked like bedding.
  2. Do not use warm, especially hot water, otherwise, the carpet will become unusable. It is necessary to wash carpets at home with cold water.
  3. When cleaning a wet carpet, use soft-bristled brushes, but do not rub the pile on the carpet too much.
  4. It is not advisable to use low-quality chemicals, as well as various washing powders that are difficult to wash from the pile. Carpets are rarely washed, so there is no need to save on detergent.

Basic ways to wash your carpet at home

It is not possible to completely wash the carpet at home on the floor in an apartment or house since you will not be able to completely dry the carpet as a result, it is not convenient, and there is also a high probability of ruining the floor covering and flooding the neighbours.

It is not always necessary to wash the carpet completely, you can wash only the main stains and dirt, wash the fringe on the carpet. For damp cleaning of carpets on the floor, you can use a washing vacuum cleaner. Modern high-quality models of washing vacuum cleaners are able to easily clean the stubborn dirt from the carpet pile, update its appearance, and also remove stains from carpet at home.

You can read more about wet cleaning of carpets with a washing vacuum cleaner in the article: how to wash a carpet with a washing vacuum cleaner.

If you do not have a washing vacuum cleaner, then you can do the usual wet cleaning of the carpet using special foam. The cleaning foam is applied to the surface of the carpet, we wait until it absorbs and corrodes the dirt, after which the carpet is vacuumed several times to completely remove the remaining dirt and foam. This method is good if you are looking for how to wash a woollen carpet at home.

How to wash a rug or small rug in the bathroom

Small carpets can be washed in the bathroom, but depending on the size of the carpet, you can wash it completely or only a certain part with more obvious dirt and stains.

A small rug is pre-cleaned of dust and debris, and then it is washed in a bath with water, a carpet detergent is applied and rubbed in, after which the entire rug is thoroughly washed with water from dirt and detergent. At the end of washing the carpet in the bathroom, it must be completely dried, preferably in a ventilated room or on the balcony.

When the carpet does not fit in the bath, you can wash it partially. To do this, the carpet is pre-cleaned of dust and debris, rolled up from the clean side and brought into the bathroom. The dirty edge of the carpet is turned away and placed in the bathroom, where it is cleaned in the same way as described above for the small rug.

Washing a small rug in the washing machine

Washing in a washing machine is relevant for small bathrooms and toilet rugs. Such rugs have a small size and a suitable composition for washing in a washing machine, and most importantly, lightweight, which is important so as not to spoil the washing machine itself. The mode of washing the rugs is chosen fast, the temperature is 30 degrees and the average spin power. Depending on the degree of soiling, you can use the prewash cycle. When washing, use ordinary detergent powder.


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