7 Tips You Need to Plan a Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Now outdoor events had become in fashion before the covid-19 pandemic, though Covid-19 has changed the entire scenario, plans. Now you can invite-only a few members to your wedding to maintain the social distancing protocol. But it is preferred to arrange your wedding outdoor instead of indoors. It will support you to follow social distancing in more prominent space, exchanging vows in nature. It would be a lovely marriage memory. But you have to take care of certain factors before arranging an outdoor wedding event.

In this article, we round up everything you require to know about arranging an outdoor event, so that your guest can enjoy the best. Here we are going to cover subtle facts from venue to transportation to weather. After meeting all checklists, you can outline your plan and execute it perfectly. Our outdoor wedding ideas will definitely inspire you.

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Seven Tips to create a perfect outdoor wedding

Opt for the right venue

The venue is the first step, and you have to choose consciously. So, are you sure about which platform you have to book? If no, then plan it fast as everything will depend on the type of venue and wedding location. Now wedding venue vendor directories are broken down into multiple categories. You can explore all of these options and choose according to your requirements and budget. Some examples of wedding venues are barn and farm venues, rooftop venues, beach venues, and winery venues. You can choose from it after visiting the catalogue. You can take reviews from real couples for the outdoor event spot close to your area. Browse through multiple venue options and narrow down your search based on your location, budget, amenities and number of guests.

Make your wedding website to prepare guests.

Making a wedding website is a great idea to explore for communicating with guests no matter the location. It can be especially beneficial for an outdoor wedding. You may include simple attire tips like the reception would be held in the proximity of grass. A natural ambience is highly encouraging. You can wrap the grass with a floor sweater because the floor can get chilly at night time. If you are getting confused, take assistance from an experienced wedding planner from the city.

Hire professional photographer and videographer 

Hire a highly professional photographer and videographer to capture your sweet wedding memory. It will help you to create the most epic video stories and wedding albums. Talk with them to identify the most picturesque spot of your selected venue so that you can capture the outstanding scenery from it. Your photographer will adjust the light o create ultra-romantic post and pre-marriage photoshoots. It is not necessary to add drone footage. It is the new concept of capturing your view from a bird‘s eye view.

Try to make your guest comfortable.

Try to make your guest as much as comfortable. It is nice to go the extra mile for them. It is because your guest is going to sit for an extended period during your ceremony. So it is your responsibility to protect them from any discomfort or uncomfortable outdoor elements. You can arrange a parasol to shade the wedding area in the sun. Make arrangements of fan and chilled water, lemonade to keep them cool in the heat. Also, take critical prevention for unexpected clouds and rain. When a wall is absent, it is necessary to bolster acoustics to prevent extensive wind or other noise. A simple music system with beautiful music also solves the problem. A perfect blend of music and nature create an outstanding ambience.

Be careful of the sound ordinance and liquor raw.

It is because you are exchanging pledges in the open, you have to be careful of neighbour. Some outdoor venues might have strict sound enactment and liquor laws you must ask about before sign agreements papers. The sound ordinance is a matter of consideration and is limited to a particular decibel. At the same time, liquor laws say which kind of alcohol you should not allow in the outdoor event premises. 

Some of the venues only accept wine and beer orders, so you have to customize your drink according to them.

Create alternative plan

Expect for unexpected things. If you throw an outdoor event for beautiful views, then consider the unexpected changes of weather. We know it is quite difficult to think about rain on your wedding day because it can spoil the complete fun of an outdoor event. That’s why we are talking about plan B. To avoid any unexpected mess, opt for a clear tent outside of the venue, or take a complimentary indoor space with outdoor space. Weather is a crucial factor when you consider an outdoor function. Generally, people enjoy the outdoor event in little cloudy weather because there would be no heat of temperature or fear of rain. But we would suggest you prepare plan B to maintain the positive vibes irrespective of outside weather and the mood of nature.

Outdoor event furniture

Outdoor event furniture should be different from indoor furniture. Square and rectangle chairs and tables are generally used in indoor furniture. But you can avoid the same trend and bring an oval or round-shaped table along with the chair. You can decorate the chair and tables with beautiful fabric table cloths and flower pot.  To get more unique ideas, you can talk with Wedding Furniture hire, and they will suggest you some exceptional ideas to arrange the most luxurious outdoor event.


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