How to Clean Carpets

How to Clean Carpets: Cleaning Tips for Long Lasting Carpet

Do you want to make a house into a home? All of the floorings should be carpeted. It keeps your feet toasty in the winter, and nothing rivals the smoothness of a carpet while you’re walking around barefoot in the summer. It’s comfy to lie on it with a book close to a heater or fireplace, and it’s even more so when you construct a pillow fort. Carpets provide the foundation for a true house, and because they are such a long-term investment, their upkeep, maintenance and carpet cleaning in Kippa-Ring can be a harsh reality.

Have you ever had the feeling that no matter how hard you vacuum, there’s just too much filth, crumbs, and hair for your vacuum to handle? When you have long-hair carpets, this is a typical problem, and even the most powerful vacuum cleaners can’t clean the fibres to a higher standard. There may also be times when you host a party or have a visitor over and they spill coffee or wine that is impossible to remove.         

Why is it important to keep your carpets clean?

Keeping your carpets clean requires caring for them not just for their appearance but also for your health. Since carpets are touched and used on a daily basis, there is a greater risk of getting germs and bacteria that have settled in, which will eventually cause you to become infected. It is advisable to be particularly cautious if you have young babies or dogs in your home because they tend to move around the carpets more.


Aside from that, carpets have an impact on the air quality in your home. The worse your carpet is, the worse your air quality will be. And if your carpet smells unpleasant, your guests will be more inclined to return, which will not give them a good image of you!

We have created a list of essential tips below to ensure you have a well-maintained and clean carpet.

  1. Lint Roller

No matter how many times you vacuum your carpet, large strands of hair and dog fur remain. And removing it by hand might damage your carpet’s fur.

In such cases, it is best to use a lint roller to avoid becoming exhausted from continual cleaning and also help you retain the condition of your carpet. These rollers make your job easier while maintaining your carpet in good condition for a longer amount of time.

2. Remove stains with Iron

You threw an excellent party at your house, invited a few friends and relatives (we hope you followed the covid norms!) and you all had a fantastic time. Now that the celebration is done, it’s time to face reality. The debris is all over the place, and you discover stains on your carpet while cleaning. A nightmare that no one wants to witness since getting rid of it might be difficult.

But here’s the trick: you can get rid of those pesky stains in just three steps.

  1. You begin by vacuuming the damaged area to eliminate any hard particles, allowing you to focus solely on the stains at hand. This is important preparatory work.
  2. Treat the areas with a 3:1 mixture of water and vinegar. Allow this mixture to soak into the soiled cloth. Five minutes should be enough.
  3. Put a clean cloth over the dirty area and press it with a hot iron. The stain is transferred into the towel by the pressure and heat, similar to a reverse temporary water tattoo.

3)  Do NOT Rub 

When something spills, our initial inclination is to rub it in. It may work on other materials, but not on carpets. The more you rub, the more it spreads and penetrates the carpet layer, discolouring it. The stains will be there for the rest of your life.

The best technique is to blot off the stain as soon as it has slipped off. You may cover it with a cloth to absorb any spilt liquid and keep it from penetrating deeper into the fabric.

4) Keep Club Soda Handy

Club soda, in addition to ironing and using vinegar combined with water, can be used to remove stubborn stains. Club soda is fantastic in removing beer and wine stains from carpets and fabrics, but you must be assured that you’re using it correctly to achieve its full potential. We’ve provided some instructions below to help you get started.

  1. Regular club soda will do a good job of eliminating the stain before it sets in. However, combining one part club soda, one part white vinegar, and one part water in a portable spray bottle will dramatically increase your cleaning capacity.
  2. Simply shake the container before spraying directly on a stain, then allow the club soda mixture to sit on the stain for 10 to 15 minutes before blotting the area with a clean cloth or sponge.
  3. You may need to rinse and repeat the process a few times to obtain the results you want, but it’s one of the most successful ways to get the results you desire, especially if the stain was caused by a particularly tough to remove staining substance in the first place.

5) Use a shaving cream

You might be surprised to learn that shaving cream components are the finest for removing stains and keeping your carpets in good condition. Traditional shaving cream works well for removing even the most stubborn stains, while modern shaving gels work faster and are more dependable.

To get the most out of shaving cream when it comes to removing difficult stains, apply a generous amount directly to the stain, even if it’s old and dried in. Allow it to rest for 30 minutes to an hour on the carpet.

After allowing the shaving cream to set and dry, dab it away to erase the stain. You may need to conclude this stain removal by spraying the area with a mixture of water and vinegar, but most of the time this will not be necessary.

6) Getting rid of chewing gums

You may have dropped your gum on the carpet by mistake. Or maybe you bought it while strolling down the street and it got stuck on your shoe, which you later realised when you saw it stuck on the carpet. Getting it removed through vacuum, iron, club soda or anything else is not an option.

However, there is always a way. Ice cubes or ice packs are the finest technique to remove chewing gum from your carpet.

  1. Remove a few ice cubes or an ice pack from your freezer (enough to freeze the gum) and set them on top of the gum.
  2. Keep the ice for a few seconds to a minute.
  3. Once the gum has frozen sufficiently, scoop it from the carpet using a spoon.

The best thing is that you won’t detect any harm to the carpet’s fabric or texture.

7) Removing candle wax

Candle wax may spill on your carpet in a variety of ways. But don’t worry, they’re simple to remove. You must extract it in the same manner in which it dropped on the carpet. What we mean is that wax can be warmed and removed. To properly clean the wax, follow the methods listed below.

  1. Place a towel over the solidified wax to absorb up the hot liquid.
  2. Then, using a hot iron, begin heating the hardened wax.
  3. Gently push the iron over the wax to absorb all of the liquid wax.

Just make sure you’re not ironing for more than 30 seconds at a time. If you do, you risk burning or melting your carpet, which is very hard to restore.

8) Rubbing alcohol to remove nail polish stains

The joy of giving yourself a pleasant time while applying nail paint is unrivalled, but if you apply it while sitting on a carpet, you will almost certainly leave a stain.

Rubbing alcohol is the most effective technique to remove these stains. Many people believe that such compounds would ruin the colour of your carpet, leaving it bleached, but this is not true. Believe us when we say that rubbing alcohol, like nail polish remover, is a weak material that will not harm the texture of your carpet.

Scrape off the hardened polish with a blunt object, ideally a butter knife, and then dab the residual stain with rubbing alcohol using a cloth or towel until the nail polish dissolves and is absorbed in the material.

9) Fluff or recover your carpet with an Ice cube

Heavy furniture, such as tables and chairs, leave an impression on the carpet, pressing it in a few areas. You could wish to rearrange your furniture, but you’d be hesitant because of those bothersome impressions. However, you may restore your carpet’s fluffiness and lustre by utilising ice cubes.

Place an ice cube on these dents and permit it to thaw. After that, dab the excess water with a towel and heat the area till dry. When the fibres are nearly dry, they will be supple and you will be able to fluff these regions by hand with ease.

Final Words:

There may be times when none of the tips are sufficient to allow you to clean your carpet on your own. It is ideal to get professional carpet cleaning in North lakes done once every few months to assist you retain and well maintain your carpet for a long time.


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