A Complete Guide about Goldendoodle

The Goldendoodle is a dog that continues to gain popularity worldwide for its cute appearance and friendly personality. Intelligent, affectionate, and kind are a few of the features of full grown mini goldendoodle. Get to know about him with us!

Hypoallergenic breed

Many people love Golden Retrievers, but one of their disadvantages is that they shed a lot of hair, representing a health problem for some allergic people, unlike the poodle, which leaves no traces everywhere.

Goldendoodles are a mixture of both breeds, which is why it is considered a mongrel dog, which mixes the beautiful personality of a Golden Retriever with the virtue of a poodle that does not shed so many hairs, which is why it is considered hypoallergenic.

From Oceania and USA

The first puppies of this breed were born 28 years ago, both in Australia (Oceania) and in the United States (America).

Despite enjoying great popularity and being loved by people, the hybrid breed does not have an official cynological standard.

A big dog full of sweetness

The Goldendoodle can be of three sizes, large 30 kg, medium of 20 kilograms, and the mini that reaches six kilograms. It is a stylized dog with an elongated body and limbs contrasting with a proportionally small tail.

Its two ears fall to the sides of an exemplary head composed of a large snout decorated with a dark nose.

From smooth to curly fur

The puppy’s coat changes as it grows. When the Goldendoodle is born, it has straight hair, and as the weeks go by, it begins to curl.

A chocolate puppy

As for the color of the full grown mini goldendoodle, it usually has the typical colors of the Golden retriever and the poodle.

You can find golden, white, brown, black, and gray dogs. The most common are gold and cream, and they usually have a very thick coat with a dense coat that thickens in the head and legs.

Sweet and loving

A feature that differentiates the full grown mini goldendoodle from the rest is their adorable personality; they are usually adorable and affectionate dogs.

They become the children’s best friends, with whom they get along very well. They are very sociable and have fun with other species such as cats.

They hate loneliness

Full grown mini goldendoodle do not tolerate loneliness. So if you do not stay at home for a long time, do not look for a dog of this breed then it will have a very bad time in your absence.

These dogs are very kind, and for this reason, they are not good guards because if they see a stranger, they will start playing with him.

They love to exercise.

Another quality of Miniature Goldendoodle is that they are very active, which they undoubtedly inherited from the Golden Retriever.

They must do enough physical activity to release energy and stay in shape; otherwise, they will make a thousand mischief at home.

Physical characteristics

The golden retriever is a well-proportioned dog, slightly longer than tall: males measure between 55 and 62 centimeters at the withers and weigh between 30 and 35 kilos. Females are usually slightly smaller.

The golden retriever’s head is large but not coarse. It is dominated by a long, wide, and very strong muzzle. The nose is usually dark in color.

Despite its powerful physical characteristics, the golden retriever is, as we have already said, an affectionate and family dog. That is reflected in his eyes, which are medium in size and always friendly.

Another characteristic that distinguishes this breed is its coat. The golden retriever has a double coat of fur: a dense, waterproof undercoat and a smooth or wavy outer coat. In terms of color, a wide variety of golden, ocher, or cream tones is accepted as typical of golden retrievers.

Intelligence and training

Among the many qualities of the mini goldendoodle, intelligence stands out: it is one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs that exist, which means they have a good level of obedience and training skills.

The golden retriever can follow instructions and quickly learn exercises and games and solve simple problems. This natural intelligence, combined with the energy and loyalty that we have already discussed, makes the Golden an excellent working dog. Golden Retrievers possess all the desirable qualities in a therapy dog: balanced, trustworthy, docile trustworthy, friendly, confident.

Golden retriever feeding

Food is one of the factors that most influence health and quality of life. This is no different for mini goldendoodle puppies, so you’ll need to plan their diet carefully based on their health, age, weight, and lifestyle. You should not forget that, like other dogs, the Golden Retriever can easily suffer from problems resulting from an inadequate diet, such as obesity.

The most advisable thing, in general, is to banish highly processed food. The best food for an adult golden retriever is the one that you can prepare yourself at home, with as healthy, varied, and natural foods as possible.


Goldendoodles are known worldwide for their great skills as guide dogs and therapy dogs. They are obedient and learn very quickly; they also have an excellent sense of smell. These dogs are some of the best companions you will find; besides being loyal and affectionate, they will give meaning to your life with their love.


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