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Eden Center Past CEO

Eden Center is one of northern Virginia’s most exciting places to visit. Located in Falls Church, Virginia, it is a place that is full of culture and provides a unique experience to its visitors. The place opened more than 40 years ago with a major transformation taking place in 1996. Millions were spent renovating this landmark adding 32,400 square foot space that became known as Saigon West.

The whole focus of Eden Center is to highlight the Vietnamese culture. Visitors enjoy shops, restaurants, and other attractions. Today, Eden Center is the hub of the East Coast’s Vietnamese-American Community hosting many exciting events including the annual Moon Festival. The place continues to grow as this family operation gets passed on through generations.

Meet the Family

Norman Ebenstein from New York founded Capital Commercial Properties in 1961 and was the CEO for more than 50 years. He was the driving force that led to the revitalization of Eden Center. He passed the business to his son Douglas Ebenstein, who is now the president and CEO of Capital Commercial Properties.

Doug continues his father’s legacy by conserving Eden place while also leading retail leasing development efforts in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. He has now been joined by his daughters Lisa and Lori who display the same tenacity as their father and grandfather.

In addition to helping Eden Center to remain strong, Doug also has a solid community presence and closely supports the athletic programs at Brown University, where both he and his father graduated and practiced tennis. Doug’s tennis career was impressive, he was part of Brown University’s varsity tennis team and ranked #1 in singles and doubles during his two final years at the school.

He then attended Duke University School of Law, but before starting that degree, he played tennis professionally on the ATP and accomplished a world ranking of 300. As a current avid senior tennis player, he has ranked 3rd in singles and 5th in doubles.

Doug lives in Boca Raton, Florida with his wife Robin where he is a long-standing member of Congregation B’nai Israel. He is an active person involved in sports and various hobbies when he is not spending time with family and friends.

What’s Next For Douglas Ebenstein?

Doug doesn’t seem to be slowing down. He is very active with Eden Garden leading innovative efforts through Capital Commercial Properties to enhance the place and help it to continue to grow.

In 2021, Capital Commercial Properties and Eden Center celebrated 10 years with Graham Eddy who serves as the Vice President and Associate General Counsel. Eddy became part of Eden Center’s management team and is very passionate about operating the historic Vietnamese shopping center.

Doug works closely with Eddy to ensure that the Eden Center continues to thrive with over 130 businesses that are currently thriving. They are proud to be part of the management team that is making Eden Center part of Virginia’s history. The place has grown significantly capturing the attention of the public who now refers to the site as the Little Saigon of the East or Saigon Mall.

Keeping Eden Center Strong

Douglas Ebenstein’s dedicated efforts have transformed the whole community around Eden Center. He and his management team strive to make the Vietnamese people feel like they are at home. The place is designed with a lion gate entrance and a clock tower. People are able to enjoy a taste of Vietnam and transport themselves into a different world every time they visit.

To take care of the whole community, Doug ensures that the Eden Center continues to donate money to important Vietnamese organizations that are assisting in advancing the community. Doug and his team have created scholarship programs for Vietnamese students and have hosted charity events to raise funds.

Doug feels that one of his obligations as the leader of Eden Center is to give back to the community. Upholding this priority has made him someone much appreciated by the people in the area who have been part of the Eden Center for decades.

With more than 130 businesses including restaurants that serve delicious cuisine from every province of Vietnam, Eden Center continues to receive visitors from all over the country. In addition, people can also enjoy bakeries, jewelry stores, beauty salons, supermarkets, and many other specialty stores.

A Legacy in the Making

As Doug gets older and his two daughters join him in managing Capital Commercial Properties, Eden Center will remain in the family for years to come. It is beautiful to see the unity and focus this family has in making Eden Center one of Virginia’s iconic places to visit.

If you have not visited Virginia, Eden Center is certainly a great excuse to plan a trip!


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