Corporate Gift

What should I Put in A Corporate Gift Basket?

Whether you’ve got a reputation as a great gift-giver already or are new to the office and want to make a lasting impression on your clients, sending a corporate gift basket from Nutcracker Sweet is a budget-friendly, easy idea. If you’re asking yourself, “What Should I Put in A Corporate Gift Basket?” you’re in the perfect place.

Something Sweet

Everyone loves to indulge in a sweet treat now and then. Why not choose something that will satisfy that craving when deciding what to put in a corporate gift basket? There’s no end to what you can send to your clients, from a Godiva truffles box to a Grand Glass Candy Jar with assorted candies. The Canadian Delight is one of our staples. It comes with a Jane With a Why Pancake mix, Charles Temple maple syrup, caramels, shortbread, Canadian maple peanut brittle, a milk almond brittle square, and Sugar Chic mini sour cherry bombs.

A Party Tray

If you’re unsure of what your client wants, our Party Pleaser trays are a great place to start. The original tray includes deluxe mixed nuts, praline almonds, yogurt raisins, chocolate rosebuds, Godiva Masterpieces, and milk chocolate caramel bites. With our ultimate Party Pleaser wooden tray, they’ll receive double chocolate shortbread, shortbread with Toblerone, shortbread with almond and chocolate, praline almonds, deluxe mixed nuts, milk chocolate almonds, and various other chocolates, including Lindt caramel balls and sea salt balls.

Surprise Boxes

If you want a true surprise, we suggest one of our towers. With the Tip Top Trio, you’ll get boxes shaped like stars that are perfect for colleagues, clients, and even friends in the corporate world. This gift comes with oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, milk chocolate sponge toffee, chocolate with rainbow sprinkles, Godiva caramel masterpieces, delicious maple and sea salt caramel popcorn, and more.

A Bit of Everything

We have a little bit of everything in our Piece de Resistance gift basket for those ultra-special colleagues or clients. This basket includes Rosenborg brie cheese, fine English water crackers, a roasted red pepper and feta dip, and roasted garlic and parmesan bread dipper to satisfy their savory side. Their sweet side will be pleased with the Baru chocolate hippies fleur de sel, Lindt white chocolate bar, and Roger’s chocolate sea salt caramels. There’s more in this box that will be a real treat for anyone to receive.

Wine Baskets

Who doesn’t love a nice glass of wine? Nutcracker Sweet offers several different baskets with either red wine, white wine, or sparkling wine. First is our In Good Company Basket with either a white or red option. These baskets also come with Lindt chocolates, red pepper jelly, Rosenborg garlic and pepper brie cheese, olive oil and sea salt baguette crisps, and several other treats, including cookies and popcorn. The Toulouse baskets come with your option of red, sparkling, or white wine and almonds, Lindt chocolates, Godiva chocolate, pretzels, sesame seed breadsticks, and much more.

Nutcracker Sweet corporate gift baskets are the perfect choice when shopping for your clients. Between the mixtures of high-quality foods, chocolates, and even wine, your clients will enjoy anything you send. Each basket will be sent with a card where a message of your choice can be typed out and attached in an easily visible spot.


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