Top 10 SAP FICO Courses in India


If you are a working business professional, you must develop a detailed understanding of the functional area of business. The first step is to get inside how business processes function through SAP. It is paramount to learn that most processes are cross-functional and end-to-end encrypted and pass through various departments in an organization.  If you are working in the technical department, your core work is to understand what the business drivers expect from you.

This blog will help you learn about SAP and navigate you through the potential SAP FICO Course providers in India, shedding light on why SAP FICO Training is required and how to choose an appropriate SAP FICO Course.

What is SAP FICO?

SAP FICO is the Finance and Cost controlling unit in SAP ERP, where FI stands for Finance Accounting and Co stands for Controlling.  SAP FICO is a finance unit in SAP ERF that covers a record of all the business cycles experienced in different industries.

SAP FICO controls the financial transaction of data of an organization. It helps companies to generate financial data, supervise financial statements for analyzing and reporting and identify inefficient business decision-making and planning.

Key highlights of SAP FICO

SAP FICO is the core module of SAP ERP. It helps organizations form an inclusive report of financial transaction data. The SAP FICO module can be integrated with other SAP modules like Sales and distribution, Material Management, Human Resource Management, Production Planning, etc.

What are the various SAP FICO Course providers in India?

When it comes to pursuing an education in India, you can never go wrong. India, apart from being a colorful, culturally and historically rich country, has one of the best education systems in the world. The country offers the best educational facilities for almost any course you wish for.

The below list will help you identify some of the best SAP FICO Courses in India and guide you in the right direction.

1. Henry Harvin

As we begin listing the top SAP FICO Course providers in India, Henry Harvin comes first for its massive customer feedback with 1400+ reviews, 200+ Youtube testimonials with a 4.5 rating on Goabroad, Trustpilot, Gooverseas & more.

Henry Harvin is now the largest online educational center famous for its wide-ranging academic courses and quality service. SAP FICO Course is ranked among the top 3 courses as per the review.

Henry Harvin trainers are highly experienced with 12+ working experience in the industry. The trainers are selected by well-known industry leads and have successfully delivered 120+ prime SAP FICO classes with 500+ lecturers.

Course Details

1. Provides 44 hours of Live Instructor-led training.

2. Learners undertake live projects in SAP FI, SAP CO & more.

3. Pursue an Internship to gain practical knowledge.

4. Receive SAP FICO training & Certification with a 100% placement support post one year of completion.

5. Access online recorded videos, assessments, and abundant tools and techniques.

6. Access regular bootcamps spread across over 12 months.

You can also become a part of the privileged ERP academy of Henry Harvin with a 3,00,000+ alumni network.

2. Udemy

Udemy is another well-known online organization whose popularity has automated complicated financial tasks and business accounting. It covers all the departments of SAP FICO module, and you can easily join any course you want to.

The SAP FICO Course offers full and comprehensive training that covers all the fundamental concepts compulsory for learning the advanced topics. You will learn SAP FICO Installation, storing data structures, and undergo various exercises to understand each topic.

Course Details

1. Learn end-to-end execution of the SAP FICO module.

2. Understand methodology and documentation used in projects.

3. Organize Global and Enterprise structure settings.

4. Learn to organize G/L, A/P, A/R, and Asset Accounting

5. Undergo practical experience with the SAP system.

6. Receive professional certification on completion of the course.

It is a 5-hour on-demand course with a full lifetime of online-accessible resources.

3. Willsys Technologies, Banglore

Willsys Technologies is also a good institution in providing SAP FICO Course services. The trainers have uniquely designed courses to help you have a successful career in the IT & Management profession. The course is accessible for both beginners and working professionals.

Course Details

1. The course teaches cost-effective solutions and services in business-like application maintenance and support, project execution, training, Management consulting, offshore development, and competency growth.

2. Learn resume building, career counseling, and interview training for handling sessions for the benefit of the students.

3. The course provides simple, fast, and effective training to candidates to access good job seekers and find the right job.

4. Access career-oriented SAP FICO Training comprising segments like students, job seekers, and corporate citizens.

4. Tech Vidhya

Tech Vidhya is the oldest educational center that has gained its identity by producing efficient professionals. The courses are conducted by experienced trainers who have been conducting successful classes over the years. The SAP FICO Course covers modules of SAP FICO Consultant, Project Leader, Project Developer, Management Costing, SAP FI Consultant, & others which hold huge career benefits.

Course Details

1. Access to a budget-friendly and fastest initial implementation course.

2. Develop better acceptance amongst other end users and reduce support costs.

3. Understand undergoing and maximum return on software investment.

4. Develop faster adjustments to the latest changes and releases in business practices.

5. Integrates all specialist departments.

6. Receive redefined and best practices.

7. Learn SAP Investment Security

5. Koeing

Established in 1993, Koeing is now a global leader in IT Training. The organization is driven by its specialized USPs and is considered to be the top SAP FICO Course trainer in India. It stands for meeting the needs of the customers, initiating new jobs, and executing talent pools along with the UK, Canada, US, Dubai, India, Singapore, and Australia.

King’s vision is to create a better world with education.

Course Details

1. Understand Basic Financial Accounting – accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger accounting.

2. Learn to handle document control, configuring asset accounting, data document control, and postings.

3. Managing payments of both automatic and correspondence options.

4. Learn year-end accounting processes in FA.

5. Learn specialized general ledger transactions and document parking.

6. Learn substitution, validations and archiving financial accounting, and more.

It is an instructor-led SAP FI certification course that comes with a SAP FI Course Completion Certification.

6. GangBoard

GangBoard is another well-known interactive platform that ranks among the best SAP FICO Courses in India. The courses come with 30 hours of training that includes 15 hours of practice time. It offers a course fee of Rs.30, 000.

7. Kits Online Training

Kits Online Training is yet again a good choice to avail ofSAP FICOtraining in India. The organization is imparting education to students all around the globe covering a live demonstration of each topic by highly skilled trainers and offering LMS access to each session. It offers online training where students get access to all the required information to become a certified professional in all areas of SAP FICO like General ledger accounting and bank accounting accounts with real

8. Multisoft Virtual Academy

Multisoft Virtual Academy provides online SAP FICO Training which aims to prepare students to apply for SAP ERF application to help specialized organizations manage to regulate transactions and financial accounting more efficiently.

Course Details

1. Learn to balance and reconcile financial statements for the regional office, profit center, continent-based department & more.

2. Learn about Accounts Receivables (AR), Accounts Payables (AP), and other financial concepts.

3. Learn interest calculation, carry-over balances, and terms of payment.

4. Develop skills in allocating, acquiring, and managing costs to calculate profits received from various customer groups and markets.

9. Guru99

Guru99 strives to impart affordable courses with good service. With the Guru99 SAP FICO Course, you’ll learn SAP FI basics, SAP finance module, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Month-end closing, Internal Order, Reports, Profit Center, and other advanced topics.

10. ERProof

Last but not the least; ERProof is also one of the SAP FICO Courses in India you can go for. It offers a series of modules covering all the units of SAP FICO that you can access at your own pace.


Banking on a professional SAP FICO Course is highly useful for individuals and companies. Earn a SAP FICO certification to boost your skills and progress in your career. This course adds a lot of value to showcase your abilities to your employers and colleagues.


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