Winter Clothes

How Do You Style Winter Clothes?

Big fashion houses came up with colorful winter trends this year. This year Autumn 2021 and Fall 2022 fashion shows were full of creativity. Considering them, be colorful and stop playing safe. You need to stir your styling sense with the latest fashion trends to be in the fashion game.

Winter gives you more options than summer. Multiple layers provide plenty of options to play with colours and patterns. Juggling up the clothes in the right way will surely represent the diva in you. All the clothes presented during fashion shows are not practically wearable in everyday life, but they set up a new trend every time. You just need to choose the comfy yet bomb chic ideas that suits your lifestyle, weather and most of all; your pocket.

1. Wear Three Layers:

Keep your style intact during winter by making the right choice of clothes. The layering of your clothes must be comfortable and warm. You don’t need to pile up to protect yourself from chilling weather outside. Three layers are more than enough for that matter. Buying some silk undergarments or a turtleneck wool inner wear will do the trick. For the bottom, leggings are a must. Choose some thick fleece wear for the middle layer. This will keep your body insulated. The upper layer expresses your style. A long coat (prints, geometric shapes with funky colours) or a polar fleece jacket (choose some peppy colours) with ankle boots are enough.

2. Choosing the Down:

Down is the favourite insulator in this spine chilling cold. But selecting the right type is a little tricky. Down and synthetic are much alike, but synthetic is better on rainy days. It’s very breathable and moisture-wicking. Although synthetic polyester fiber is practically a good option. Choose wisely considering all your surrounding climatic conditions.

3. A Textured Jacket with Leggings:

Switch your jeans for leggings. Fleece leggings or wool leggings are much better. Dump your plain leggings and choose some flashy ones with prints or small designs. Pair up these leggings with heavy or oversized textured jackets. Try a contrast between leggings and the jacket. Ditch your regular monochrome jackets for trendy textured jackets. These will look super chic. You can wear a turtleneck or cardigans underneath the jacket for extra warmth.

4. Striped Scarf with Casual Look:

All dressed up casual for regular days, but something to pump up the trend is required, right? Scarf’s are so underrated. These add up warmth around your chest and neck. You can use them to cover your head and mouth. Be a little creative, use scarves as a mask for extra protection during this pandemic. Striped scarf with a monotone dress will steal all the spotlight. You can pair these scarves with leather jackets and high boots. Matching hats or gloves will surely scale up your fashion game.

5. Leather Jacket and Dress:

Take out all your summer dresses, the party is not over yet. Of course, you need to wear warm innerwear underneath. Pair your dresses (short or long) with leather jackets and knee-high boots. Leather jackets are superb insulators and never out of fashion. Investing in leather jackets is a wise move. Add some scarves or gloves to keep you warm and spice up your look. 

6. Turtleneck Sweater and Straight Leg Bottom Pant:

90’s trend is back, and how we are loving it. Team up your loose long turtlenecks sweaters with straight leg bottoms pants. Straight bottom pants are likely to keep you warm than flared or bell bottom pants. These trap body heat better. It looks classy and elegant at your workplace or a client meeting. Always keep the tone subtle when choosing a formal dress. Don’t overdo or mix matches unnecessarily. You can choose wool pants or mix match your pants from suits already in your closet. If it is too cold, just wear a long overcoat. Add a statement belt to complete your look.

7. Striped Sweater with Baggy Jean:

Looking for something comfy? Grab those baggy jeans you put aside for summer. Wear a pair of wool leggings or tight skin innerwear for extra warmth.  Use your collared shirts. A striped sweater with baggy jeans looks stylish while keeping it super comfortable for you. Running shoes, sneakers or ankle boots will step up your style game. For very cold days put on your gilet (down or synthetic vest without sleeves). Complete your look with a cap or beanie.

8. Plaid Jacket and Black Denim Pant:

Plaid shirts are one of the most favourite options in summer. These checked designs look spectacular with jeans or formal pants. So why not use the trend during winters. A long list of colours is available in plaid jackets to try this winter. These jackets are super warm and playful to rock your casual look. Denim pants are the best option for the bottom with plaid jackets. Specifically, the black denim goes along with every colour of the plaid jacket. There are multiple options in plaid jackets like hooded, thigh-length jackets, collared plaid jackets, oversized or turtleneck plaids. Sherpa fleece floor-length plaid jackets are trending.

9. Brown Leather Jacket with Blue Jeans with Plaid Scarf:

As we discussed leather jackets, plaid jackets and scarves, why not mix-match altogether and get creative with your look. Pick your sweatshirt or a plain sweater. Wear a brown leather jacket and with your ankle boots or knee-length boots of the same tone. Pair your brown leather jacket with your skinny blue jeans (ripped jeans look stylish). A plaid scarf will do the rest. Don’t forget your belt, it is a very important accessory.

10. Puffer Vest Over Sweater Dress and Jeans:

Heading out for a fun day out with friends; you need something comfy and trendy. How about a sweater dress with jeans? Turtleneck sweater or v neck cable knit sweater, off shoulder sweater dress and a belted sweater dress, are some cool options with jeans. On windy days the puffer vest is your savior. High bun and heel ankle boots are a bonus to this look.


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