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First Birthday Jewellery Gifts for Baby Boys and Girls

There are many special instances in a baby’s life. However, the most important one has to be the first birthday. This occasion is not only important to the baby, but also the parents because they want their baby’s first birthday to be as special as possible.

There are many things that parents do to make this event a memorable one; right from ordering that perfect cake to inviting their closest friends to getting multiple gifts so that their baby feels special.

However, buying a gift for a baby can be a difficult task. If you are the parent or you are friends with the parent and have been invited to the first birthday, you must ensure that you get a gift that is not only practical but also useful.

When we think of practical and useful, the best gift is gold jewellery. Gold jewellery is versatile and can also be easily customised. There are also wide options of gold jewellery designs available that you can pick from.

In this blog post, we will look at the best first birthday jewellery gift ideas for baby boys and girls. Some of these will be gender-specific, while most are gender-neutral.

Jewellery Gifts For Baby Boys and Girls’ First Birthday

  1. Neckpieces that are personalised with their names 

Personalisation goes a long way and more so when it comes to babies. One of the most unique gifts that you can get for a baby is a personalised name neckpiece. These neckpieces use charms in the form of the baby’s name initials and look extremely pretty. This one is perfect for gifting both – a baby girl and a baby boy.

  • Cute earrings

Cute small earrings on your baby girl’s tiny ears are sure to add a smile to your face. It is important to note, however, that you must take into consideration the right age/ time to pierce your baby’s ears. But once that’s taken care of, you can make your baby wear some really cool and cute earrings, like stud earrings or loop earrings.

  • Lapel Pins with characters

Lapel pins will probably be one of the most used items as the baby grows up. If you need to attach a handkerchief to his chest for easy access, you may use a lapel pin. But how cool would it be to have a lapel pin that has his/her favourite character attached to it, like a unicorn? This adds a personalised touch and is sure to be loved by the kid. Even better is the fact that this gift is gender-neutral, so you can gift this one to both girls and boys.

  • Personalised bracelets

With their tiny hands, one of the cute gifts to give a baby is a personalised bracelet with their names. This gift has a special effect on the baby as well. The more the baby looks at the bracelet, the better they will be accustomed to remembering their names. This makes it easy for them to associate themselves with it.

  • Kurta Buttons

One of the other gifts that you can consider for babies is customised kurta buttons. These are ideal for festive occasion and will add a touch of royalty to the child’s ethnic outfit. What’s more, parents can go twinning with their baby by purchasing identical kurta buttons for themselves.

  •  Nazariya bracelets

First and the foremost thing that most parents are concerned with is to protect their little ones from any evil eye. In a case like that, gifting the child a Nazariya bracelet is the best bet. These are cute little bracelets made with black nazariya beads that help protect the baby from all negative energies.

  • Cartoon Collar Pins

Collar pins are one of the most versatile accessories that you can get for your babies. These can be attached to their shirts/t-shirts to add some extra cuteness. You can get animal-themed collar pins, cartoon-themed collar pins, among others. What’s even better is that you can customise the enamel colour as per your liking.

  • Brooch

Brooches are another unique accessory that you can gift your little one. You get these in various designs and sizes and can also add a personal element if required. They are considered to be a favourite for kids since they are small and personalised.


Overall, there are multiple gifts you can consider for a baby girl and boy, but it’s important to ensure that these gifts are personalised and unique to the baby’s likes and dislikes. Another important point to note while buying that perfect jewellery gift is to make sure that the gifts are baby-centric. When it comes to jewellery, buying something that is suitable for adults may not be the right choice. Instead, look for something that is specifically made for gifting babies and kids. This will directly connect with the child and make him/her like the gift even more.  


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