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What Are the Necessary Books for CCIE Data Center?

What are the necessary books for Cisco CCIE check about training price Data Center? Data Center is a popular direction in Cisco Certification. Many people choose this direction. This direction indicates the skills of corresponding network engineers in complex data center solutions. In addition to general training, you can also read some relevant books to improve your ability. SPOTO recommends some books that must be read by CCIE Data Center!

Next Generation Data Center Architecture of NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching Technology

The title of Next Generation Data Center Architecture of NX-OS and Cisco Nexus Switching Technology is quite long. It is an authoritative guide for planning, configuring, managing and troubleshooting NX-OS. It is one of the network technology series published by Cisco Press. This series can build an efficient network for network practitioners. This book uses new technologies and cases to comprehensively explain the NX-OSSystem and Nexus Exchange Technology used in enterprises. It can also be used by network practitioners to select Nexus Switches. This book covers “UnderstandingNX-OSCommand Line, Virtualization Features and File System, Using the Comprehensive Layer 2 / Layer 3 Support Capabilities provided by NX-OS: VPC, Spanning Tree Protocol, Cisco FabricPath, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, HSRP, GLBP and VRRP, Configuration of IP Multicast with PIM, Auto-RP and MSDP,Protecting Network with CTS, SGT, ACL, COPP and DAI and EstablishingTrusted Network Settings with Cisco TrustSec Standby Set, UsingISSU, StableProcess Restart / Handover and Uninterrupted Forwarding Mechanism to realize the * * of system availability, ImprovING maintainability by using SPAN, ERSPAN, Configuration Checkpoint / Fallback, Packet Analysis, Intelligent CallingHome, Python and POAP, Using FCOE, NPV and NPIV to realize unified storage and Ethernet switching matrix, Making full use of the functional features of Nexus 1000V in the virtualized environment, Using MQ CLI, queuing and marking mechanism to achieve excellent QOS characteristics, Using OTV technology to expand the two-tier network across the three-tier infrastructure; Integrating MPLS application components (such as three-layer VPN, traffic engineering, QOS and MVPN) to meet users’ SLA requirements, Using new LISP Protocol to support mobility mechanism, Analyzing a Nexus and NX-OSData Center Migration Case in detail.

Cisco Data Center I / O Integration

Cisco Data Center I / O Integration is one of the series of Cisco Data Center Books, which mainly introduces the evolution from Ethernet to Data Center Network completed by Nuova Systems and Cisco (two companies) from 2006 to 2007. The technologies introduced in Cisco Data Center I / O Integration have been recognized by the industry. Since 2008, they have gradually formed product and (industry) standards. Among them, FC-BB-5 Standard defines Ethernet Fibre Channel (FCoE Protocol), which has been approved by T11 Fibre Channel Committee of International Committee on Information Technology Standards (INCITS) and handed over to INCITS for publication, becoming a standard of American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

VMware vSphere 5 Virtual Data Center Building Guide

VMware vSphere 5 virtual data center construction guide is the official VMware vSphere 5 Virtual Data Center Construction Guide from EMC. It was written by two world-class virtualization technology consultants of EMC and highly recommended by Chad sakac, senior vice president of EMC. It not only explains the core technology and working mechanism of vSphere 5 in detail, but also systematically expounds the whole process and various technical details of using vSphere 5 to build a more reliable, easy to manage, cost-saving and environment-friendly virtual data center.

The above books are compulsory books for CCIE Data Center. Candidates who choose the direction of CCIE Data Center can buy them and have a look.


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