Office Renovation Ideas

A Decor Guide On Top 10 Office Renovation Ideas

Modern offices differ massively from what offices used to pre 2010 times. This modern era is all about connectivity and focused on not only productivity but also the mental health of the employees. No one including the owner would like to work in an office that feels closed up and mentally straining, hence the office has to be a place that garners productivity and creativity. This is why commercial office refurbishment is very important. Let’s discuss ten great commercial office fit-out renovation ideas.

  1. Use Wide Window panes For Natural Light

Let’s start with windows. Window panes are a great way to bring sunlight and natural light into the office. Window panes let in so much more than just light, they can make your office appear wider than it is. This will make the place much more relaxed.

  • Install Plants Wherever Possible For A Breathable Experience

Planting life is always a great choice to do in your office. Plants are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also make the air fresher in your office, and most importantly it makes you feel like you’re out in the open. This is very important because as we all know, being in an enclosed space can be mentally straining for a person. A Sydney office fit-out company can help here!

  • Add Coloured Walls To The Office

No one is going to enjoy plain off-white plastered walls for long. For your commercial office refurbishment, rethink your colour schemes. Add dashes of relaxing colours like light blue and salmon to make sure your employees don’t get frustrated looking at a white chalk wall which by the way would get dirty very easily and visibly.

  • Try To Not Use Cubicles To Encourage Interaction

An interactive environment is great for getting more work done in less time. You can do this by not having cubicles and making sure you have a connected working space where people can see each other. This will make it easier for them to communicate with one another, leading to better business results.

  • Your Offices Must Be Accessible To All

“Think outside the box,” said world-renowned investor and business tycoon Warren Buffet when discussing a company’s strategy to increase its market share. Use open and accessible spaces that enhance creativity. Because without space, there can be no creative thinking.

  • Have Great Modern Equipment

Make sure that your office is as modern as possible when you go for a renovation. This means getting yourself central cooling systems, solar power systems, updated software on the computers and so on.

  • Install A Conference Room In The Office For Meetings And Workshops

Yes, people need a place to meet even if it’s just for an hour every once in a while and that’s why having a conference room in your workplace is essential. Have a conference room that respects personal space but also doesn’t let employees stray too far away. Everyone must feel like they’re one tribe.

  • Have Art Installations

This one is very important. Modern art in modern commercial office refurbishment is a vital installation. While it may not be necessary to do so, it’s very important to have artwork made that symbolises what your company and office stand for. Right at the entrance on the ground floor is perfect.

  • Use A Media Room For Your Employees To Relax And Have Fun

Make sure that the media room is nicely lit and has great air conditioning so that you don’t put people under permanent stress because of the heat. The media room should be a place where employees can go and play some family-friendly games or just relax.

  1. Have An Office Party Room For Meetings And Social Events

This idea is a very good one. It doesn’t have to be anything grandiose, just make sure that you have a nice party room for your employees to go and relax in after work. This is a great opportunity for them to mix with each other, share some laughs and really get to know each other.


Having a picture-perfect office is not going to be easy. But once you’ve got yourself the floor, try to have your commercial office refurbishment done in such a way that it positively affects the work mindset of both, you and your employees. This is what everyone must yearn for.


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