Commercial Roofing

The Complete Guide about Commercial Roofing

Selecting a commercial roof repair contractor is not an easy task. For starters, although you may think you have to repair a mere roof, each roof is unique. The issues you may have may be common with other roofs, but your roof needs distinct fixing.

Nonetheless, before you go in for any commercial roof coating in Winter Park, contractors can sort out your problems. Before you sign up, you should be well-versed in commercial roof repair, in general. This will enable you to ask all the right questions to a contractor, depending on the repair work that needs looking into.

What is commercial roofing?

The function of any roof, be it residential or commercial, is to safeguard and protect your property. Nevertheless, roofs are different, and you get a range to choose from. Differences lie in the roof materials used and the method of building and installation. With this in mind, you should know the variety of commercial roofs is far greater than residential roof types.

Commercial roof repair in Winter Park uses single-ply, modified bitumen, concrete, built-up roof systems, gravel, tar, and more. There are so many options for commercial roofing. You need to know what’s what before you select a roofing or repair it.

Commercial Roofing Systems

Your commercial roof repair cost will largely depend on the roof you have and the issues with it. If you have to install a roof on your property, the type will also have some bearing on the cost. Here are the main commercial roofing systems available today:

1. Roofing Made of Metal

Among the most popular roofing in the market, metal roofing is available in many materials. You get galvanized steel sheeting (tiles), corrugated steel, steel-coated stone, aggregates of zinc or aluminum, copper, silicon coated in steel, etc. These systems are robust and last long. They also don’t need much in terms of repair as they do not rust. With regard to commercial roof leak repair in Winter Park, roofing companies recommend metal roofing to prevent leaks.

2. BUR Membrane

Built-up roofing membrane (BUR) is the conventional tar and gravel roof. This is the best choice if a roof is low and sloping. There are several layers of tar and gravel, and this increases durability. As affordability goes, this is cost-effective and basic.

3. Roofing with Modified Bitumen

This roofing system is unique, made up of reinforced roofing material and bitumen arranged in layers. The roofing system is affixed to rooftops as systems of two-ply arrangements for maximum strength. A commercial roof repair contractor will tell you that these systems are easy to maintain and can withstand immense activity.

4. EPDM Membrane

Known as a Thermoset Roofing System, this is long-lasting, versatile, and simple to care for. The basis of its system is rubber, arranged in single-ply. Roofs made of this material are also able to combat some acids, alcohol, and solvents. They can withstand freezing temperatures and reflect heat, so interiors remain cool. With an easy process of installation, you can be assured of resistance to ultraviolet light and ozone.

5. TPO and PVC

Thermoplastic Polyolefin and Poly Vinyl Chloride materials are great for refurbishing old roofs. They are also strong enough to fight UV rays, sustain punctures, and keep away bacteria and chemicals. Commercial roof repair cost decreases as these materials are cost-effective. This lightweight roofing is a superb choice for proprietors of restaurants and hotels as these businesses are among those that may release oils from their ventilation mechanisms.

6. Green Roofing

Environmental sustainability is the key focus of the current era, making green roofs popular. These improve efficiency and manage drainage and water issues well. They also look good and appeal to many businesses.

Commercial Roofing Aspects

If you think about aspects of commercial roof repair in Winter Park or any other area, certain variables are related to roofing. The method of installation of any commercial roofing system is unique. Each roof is different and requires characteristic expertise, material, and knowledge. There can be major differences due to the labor involved and the price of the full installation. Nonetheless, here are three key aspects you should delve into:

1. Inspection of the Roof

Any roof that requires working is thoroughly inspected first. If the roof has to be replaced, this can be done easily. Nevertheless, if there is an area of concern, it needs examination. Problem areas may include decking, membranes, vents, drainage spouts, and downspouts. When there are small issues, they need addressing immediately to prevent further and dire damage. This prevents further damage and costly future repair work.

2. Taking Care of Commercial Roofs

The maintenance of your roof is a critical factor in its overall life. Your roof constantly requires cleaning dirt and debris, checking leaks, the repair of flashes and HVAC mechanisms, and preparing the roof for any season of the year.

The roofing material should always be in mint condition. This is the part of your structure that directly faces the elements of wind, heat, and other atmospheric variables. Whether it’s a complete roof repair or commercial roof coating, Winter Park has the best roof experts on offer.

3. Commercial Roofing Expenses

A commercial roof repair contractor will not be able to tell you about the cost of your roof repair till your roof is evaluated. The cost of any work on your roof is calculated according to the roof type, slope, accessibility, and resources that are required.

Additionally, there are permits that may be required to either install a new roof or repair an old roof. Any ongoing commercial roof service will also have to take into account the size of the roof and service scope.

The Roof Has It

Repairing a roof, or putting in a new roof, is not an easy task. It requires the help of an expert who has years of experience. If you know some basics about roof repair, you can find the right roof repairers and ask the right questions.


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