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Top 10 Six Sigma Certification in USA

What is six sigma certification?

Six Sigma certification initiates a positive impact on the firm in terms of better customer satisfaction, cost savings, and revenue growth, among other things. Six sigma certification involves one of the key innovations involving professional quality management including the production of the floor to maintain the statistics in the separate quality department. A Six Sigma certification uses a hierarchy (and career path) similar to martial arts systems like judo, similar to the ranking terminology in judo.

USA (United States of America) is the largest and the leading economic country in the world. It is the second-largest country in the world consisting of vast urban areas with beautiful natural landscapes.

No matter if you are in India or USA, six sigma certification is always the best choice because it is in high demand for its knowledge and ability to drive any organizational changes.


For successful implementation, Six Sigma specifies many roles:

  • Executive Leadership, in addition to the CEO, other top management members make it up. They are in charge of creating a plan for putting Six Sigma into practice. Additionally, they give other trainees the freedom and resources to go beyond departmental restrictions and tackle change resistance.
  • Champions are in charge of Six Sigma implementation across the company. They are recruited by the Executive Leadership from higher management. Black Belts are mentored by champions as well.
  • Champions identify Master Black Belts, who serve as internal Six Sigma coaches. They dedicate their entire time to Six Sigma, to help Champions to direct Black Belts and Green Belts. They verify that Six Sigma is used consistently across departments and job functions in addition to statistical activities.
  • Black Belts works under Master Black Belts to implement Six Sigma on certain projects. Additionally, they give Six Sigma all of their attention. They concentrate largely on the implementation of Six Sigma projects and special leadership roles, in contrast to Champions and Master Black Belts, who concentrate on the identification of Six Sigma projects and functions.
  •  Green Belts are the employees who execute Six Sigma in addition to their other duties under the supervision of the Black Belts.










Coming to the topic Top 10 Six Sigma Certification in USA

1. Henry Harvin

You can overcome your challenges by doing the best six sigma certificationfrom Henry Harvin. Henry Harvinaims to impart strategic knowledge about Six Sigma Champions and the critical skills needed to carry out their duties. The Champion in your organization is the person who has mastered both a thorough understanding of the company’s business operations and the Six Sigma methodology’s foundational knowledge. The mission, vision, and values that support the business’s objectives are dealt with by the Six Sigma Champion. To ensure that the project is successful, the Champion collaborates with the Six Sigma team to identify and remove challenges.

Nine-In-One methodology

The institute includes 9 courses as one complete package.

  • 28 hours of interactive classroom sessions during live online training
  • Availability of a facility for Six Sigma projects
  • Gain practical knowledge with an internship while taking the Six Sigma Champions Certification course.
  • Candidates will obtain 10 Professional Competency Units (PCUs) from MSI after successful completion of the six sigma certification program.
  • Get complete placement assistance for a year after completing.
  • Exposure to a wide range of tools and techniques, video content, assessments, etc.
  • Attend recurring bootcamps spread out across the succeeding 12 months following industry demand.
  • Free access to #AskHenry competitions andhackathons
  • One-Year Gold Membership in the Six Sigma Champion Training Program at the Henry Harvin Quality Management Academy

Training Faculty

  • Trainers are the most reputable industry professionals with at least 11 years of professional experience
  • Faculty trainers are the most reputable industry professionals with at least 11 years of professional experience
  • Carefully chosen by our training partners and honored for their work by many organizations over the years
  • They have given more than 130 keynote lectures for the Six Sigma Champion Certified Course.
  • Have given more than 250 workshops and are currently recognized as subject matter experts by the Henry Harvin® Quality Management Academy.


Courses related to Six six certification at Henry Harvin

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
  • Six Sigma Champion Certified(SSCC)
  • Diploma in Lean Six Sigma
  • Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • Marketing Analytics with the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course
  • Advanced statistics for the Six Sigma course
  • Post Graduate program in Lean Six sigma

2. Simplilearn

The world’s leading online Bootcamp sessions along with the six sigma certification make Simplilearn the best institution to learn. The institute has many courses available to help seek the details of any course and become a part of the institute. They provide Lean Six Sigma green belt and Lean six sigma black belt certification courses also to help advance in learning six sigma.


Key features

  • Online interactive classes with 8x higher interactions give the best outcome through the boot camps.
  • Hands-on experience with 13 projects, 12 simulation exams, and 114 PDUs with around 18 case studies makes this institute stand out at the top of the competition.
  • E-learning concept for 20 hours with the real-time project scenarios
  • Professional trainers having strong subject knowledge are part of the faculty
  • Online Bootcamps with job assistance are also part of the curriculum here.

3. 6Sigma Insitute

You can access your Six Sigma certification program on the International Six Sigma InstituteTM website. This program is created by a group of famous business and people leaders, Six Sigma coaches, mentors, experts, and authorities from all major industries. Free Six Sigma Book and free Premium Six Sigma Mentorship are available from the top menu, respectively, as are part of the online Six Sigma certification training materials.

Six Sigma Certification examination consists of multiple-choice test questions. It will be highly beneficial for Six Sigma professionals to read the online Six Sigma training program to gain the knowledge necessary to pass your Six Sigma certification exam and receive your Six Sigma certification.

4. IASSC (International Association for Six Sigma Certification)

If you’re looking for classroom instruction, online courses, private tutors, self-study resources, or sources for certification preparation, start with the providers who have received our prestigious Accreditations. Following IASSC Accreditation Criteria, IASSC Lean Six Sigma Accredited Providers are known for maintaining robust, consistent, and high-quality training standards.

5. Grey Campus

With a globally recognized six sigma certification, you stand out since a certifying institution has independently evaluated your knowledge. Learn the skills necessary to effectively manage and lead your six sigma team, as well as to apply six sigma methods to specific cases.


Key features

  • One year of access to the online learning platform, where you may access video lectures, practice exams, and sample questions for the IASSC’s Lean Six Sigma certification.
  • You can access your class recordings here regardless of whether you chose live online training or in-person instruction.
  • Even after the boot camp, you can still contact the instructors. You can quickly contact the customer support team if you have questions about anything program-related.

6. 6sigmacertificationonline

The institute is a self-paced and online platform to learn various six sigma certification courses available around the world. The institute focuses on providing course training to help you advance in your career.

SSGI is an authorized SHRM’s Recertification and PMI’s Authorized Training Partner (ATP) provider. The training programs are tailor-made by Dr. Barry Shore to provide you entirely online, self-paced, and to let you start using skills right away.

Starting from developing the essential business skills that will help you achieve better project results and grow your career, from data analytics to diversity and inclusion. Dr. Shore has designed many certification programs centered on the most in-demand talents now at SSGI.


7. ASQ (American Society of Quality)

Using your network device, enroll in a live, interactive class with an instructor. You can attend ASQ events to stay updated on the most recent business trends, pick the ideas of quality authorities, and connect with colleagues accordingly.

You can access useful information, meaningful connections, and opportunities to contact the people who share your interests. As you advance in your career and your organization, ASQ Certifications will help you become a more accomplished and successful quality-focused professional.


ASQ involves the following aspects

  • Engaging and interactive, with all-new, contemporary visuals, and AI-generated video hosts to guide you through the course at your own pace.
  • Using gamification concepts, and scenario-based learning to relate to your real-world experiences
  • Easily accessible on mobile devices, bite-sized learning fits into your hectic schedule and allows you to study whenever and wherever you want.
  • Less time spent sitting overall and preference for short, active bursts
  • A post-course evaluation and regular milestones to recognize progress

8. Six Sigma

They are the largest institute that deals with the online platform to help learn six sigma. They aim to build your business with the globally recognized six sigma certification course. High experienced trainers from the industries are the part of imparting course.

Key features

  • Classroom facility- where each individual can connect directly with the instructor during classroom training, and can learn in a calm, secure, and encouraging environment.
  • Online instructor-led training – to help you access practical learning materials and personalized trainers who can help you improve your knowledge and skills using a virtual platform.
  • Online self-paced classes – learn from anywhere and anytime, provides an access to the online training environment. You will receive login information for our platform after making a purchase, enabling you to start using your course right away.
  • Onsite training – One of the most effective approaches to accomplish the intended business goals is through onsite/in-house training. This excellent training is delivered on-site rather than in our classrooms.

9. Benchmarksixsigma

Benchmarksixsigma collaborates with large and medium-sized businesses to increase profitability and make strategic improvements using their innovative and highly efficient proprietary methods. They offer 14 globally recognized Lean six sigma certification courses and excellent programs to help individuals to get diverse functional and industrial understanding.

They provide multiple assessments conceptually designed to drive your force and key dynamics towards a better path. Many interviews are arranged and simulate the workshops to experience the real-world challenges.

They organize the largest learning networks for business excellence, including online certification programs, web-based tools, and the best dictionary in the world.

10. ExpertRating

With over 50,000 alumni working in some of the best firms, ExpertRating Six Sigma Certifications are widely regarded as the best Six Sigma Certifications globally.

For those who want to grasp the science of Six Sigma and become certified online, all ExpertRating Six Sigma Certifications (Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Belt) feature thorough online courseware that has been designed by Six Sigma professionals.

Apart from experienced project managers, ExpertRating’s Six Sigma Certification courses are designed to be easily understandable by persons who are fresh with Six Sigma ideas.

The curriculum for the course is designed with the needs of most of today’s organizations in mind and covers all the six sigma tools, methodologies, and ideas.



Importance of six sigma methodology

The Six Sigma technique offers a uniform method for solving problems in terms of Six Sigma projects, regardless of an organization’s size or industry. It is necessary to complete a Six Sigma Yellow, Green, Black, or Master Black Belt project to reap the benefits or fruits of the Six Sigma technique. The project must fall under the relevant business unit or vertical. The following six categories best describe the methodology’s six main benefits:

1. Minimize operational costs

Operational costs and risks play a big role for the majority of multinational companies. Low profits or even losses are a result of these circumstances. It is impossible to completely avoid all hazards because operating costs are always present. An organization’s exposure to risks can be significantly decreased with the use of the Six Sigma approach. Additionally improving the efficiency and effectiveness of how firms distribute their goods and services.

2. Efficiency improvement

Projects using the Six Sigma methodology can increase process efficiency. In addition, Six Sigma projects focus on enhancing the timeliness of delivering process output or enhancing the reliability of on-time delivery of goods or services.

3. Improvement in controls, accuracy, and policy compliance

The Six Sigma methodology can be used to reduce the time or number of machine setups in a manufacturing process, increase productivity on production lines or assembly lines, fully or partially automate processes in which manual intervention is overly high, etc.

4. Improved customer support

By lowering Defects-Per-Million-Opportunities (DPMO) along the process value chain, Six Sigma programs assist in improving accuracy. The potential to make a mistake is something the word “opportunity” refers to.

The sigma level of the process decreases when DPMO increases and vice versa.

Six Sigma initiatives can assist in determining the number of variations customers are experiencing, what is causing those variations, and finally how the number of dissatisfied customers can be minimized. The goal of such Six Sigma projects can also be to increase vendor and customer satisfaction.

5. Enhance the cash flow

Six Sigma initiatives can also be used to boost the business’s DSO, or Days Sales Outstanding. DSO improvement also results in improved cash flow. The company’s capacity to turn credit sales into cash is inversely correlated with DSO. Invoicing processes accounts payable processes, accounts receivable processes, inventory management processes, etc., can all be the subject of Six Sigma initiatives.

6. Improvement in regulatory compliance

Regulation compliance typically consists of three components. Finance & Audit is the first, Information Technology is the second, and Legal is the third. In each of these areas, depending on the type of flaws found, Six Sigma projects may be done.


So, delivering value to the customer is the main goal of the management strategy known as Lean Six Sigma. Six Sigma certification cost is also very reliable. This certification validates professionals who identify risks, errors, or defects in a business process and remove them. This approach emphasizes efficient operations and quality results by incorporating frameworks, methodologies, and skills. Generally, to become a Six Sigma certified individual, one must have a certain level of experience and demonstrate proficiency in the field.


Q.1 Is the Six Sigma certification course expensive?

Ans. Not much, if you want to learn and learn then do not look at the cost of any course.

Q.2 Can I learn the Six Sigma certification course online?

Ans. Of course, you can join any institute as I mentioned above, and take an online six sigma certification course.

Q.3 What are the criteria to join the six sigma certification course?

Ans. Generally, must have a certain level of experience and demonstration proficiency in the field.

Q.4 Where are all the six sigma methodologies used?

Ans. It applies to all the industries like manufacturing, electronics, retailing and so many others.In short, it doesn’t have any boundaries,

Q.5 I want to learn online six sigma certification, can you suggest to me a few best institutes? Ans. As mentioned in my above writing, you can pick any and start learning. All are the best on their own at imparting the best course.


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