How to Keep the White Clothes White?

It is rightfully said that you should dress according to the occasion. But the white colour is universal which you can wear on any occasion. A while shirt and denim will suit almost any occasion. White gives a sense of elegance and looks royal.

But we all must have experienced this once in our lifetime. The whites are more prone to get stained with food, ink, or dirt. The other issue with the whites is that if you don’t wear them for a long period, they turn yellowish. The coloured clothes fade with time, but whites can get discoloured even after a single use.

The white clothes can become yellow due to many reasons. There can be excessive exposure to bleach, nicotine use, cheap deodorants, sweat, perfumes, or poor storage practice.

So, how can we keep our whites brand new, without any stains, or prevent them from getting yellow?

Tips to keep your white clothes white:

  • Wash frequently: Your white clothes tend to get discoloured fast. It is advised to wash your white clothes more frequently. After every use, you need to wash your white clothes to keep them bright and new.
  • Wash white clothes separately: Wash your coloured clothes and whites separately. We do not want any other fabric colour to stain our white clothes. Wash your whites in a separate load to keep them white and bright.
  • Soaking before washing: Soaking will help to loosen the stains, which can be removed easily. You can make the soap and water solution and soak your white clothes for an hour before washing them. The soap particles will form a layer around stains and loosen the stains, which are then removed while washing clothes.  You can also soak clothes in warm water and baking soda solution before washing them with an enzyme-rich detergent. The enzymes in the detergent help to remove the food stains.
  • ●       Use white vinegar: You can add half a cup of vinegar to a half bucket of water and soak the discoloured white clothes. The vinegar helps to remove the yellowness of the fabric and also helps to remove food stains.
  • Use stain remover: If the stain is strong, then first you can pour the stain remover on the stained patch. Rub the stained area and leave it as it is for some time. Wash that piece of cloth with normal detergent and water. This will help remove tough stains.
  • Dry clean: If you cannot wash the white fabric at home, like silk or wool, you can always use the dry cleaner’s services. Give your whites to the trusted dry cleaner who will give the right advice regarding your material and the stain. They have the technical knowledge that they can use to remove the stains and keep the white clothes white.
  • Do not overfill your washer: While washing your whites, remember to not overload the machine. Too many clothes in the machine make it difficult for the clothes to tumble and clean the way they should be. There is not much space to spray water and flush away the dirt. Put only four to five white clothes at a time in the washer.
  • Choose the right kind of detergent: Always know your detergents well. Check the label for optical brighteners for white clothes. They reflect the blue light and suppress yellow light making the fabric look whiter.
  • Add the right amount of detergent: To make whites brighter, people tend to use more detergents. But excess detergents if does not get removed, then they form a layer on the clothes. This same detergent layer can discolour your white clothes and make them appear yellow. 
  • Use of bleach: Using bleach is an age-old traditional method of removing stains from white clothes. It also helps to remove the discolouration of the white clothes. Earlier chlorine-based bleach was used, but it eventually damages the fabric. These days you get oxygen-based bleach that is harsh on stains but not the hands and fabric.
  • Use lemon juice: Take a bucket of warm water and add two tablespoons of lemon juice. Let it stand for five minutes and then soak your discoloured white clothes in it for an hour. Wash the soaked clothes in a regular washer and notice the difference.
  • Sun drying:  If the discolouration on the white clothes is mild you can bleach them and put them to dry in the sun. The strong ultraviolet rays will directly bleach the stains when the clothes are still wet.

Try these methods to keep your whites crisp and clean. Pay attention to laundry symbols, the fabric, the stain and the method to be used. A wrong method can destroy your white fabric. But the correct one can save your white clothes from damage.


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