How to Give Your Home a Celebrity Feel?

Here’s a secret about celeb homes: they love to reflect their personality and style in their homes. In this blog, we will share many more secrets about celebrities. So continue reading to revamp your home’s look and feel.

Do you want to give your home a celebrity feel? Are you always on the lookout for the latest home decor trends? Well, you’re not alone. Every homeowner dreams of giving their home an elite style.

With that in mind, we have put together exciting and trendy ideas to give your home a celebrity touch. 

Spruce Up Your Home With The Latest Technologies:

You have to get the latest gadgets and technologies to bring out a celebrity feel at your home. It can be using something as simple as a virtual assistant for regular day-to-day activities like turning on your television to transforming your home into a smart home. 

Your home shouldn’t be just a place where you live. Instead, transform into a place where you live and experience the best moments of your life. Picture this: You come home after a long, exhausting day at work. Now, you want to lie down on the couch and command. With Smart Home, you can turn on the TV or close the curtains with just a command. 

Add Life To Your Rooms With A Little ‘Bling’:

You may have often heard that a smile can light up a room. But what if we tell you that there’s something else that can completely light up your space? Give your rooms a celebrity feel with chandeliers. It is one of the most sought-after trends amongst top celebs worldwide. 

Only influential families used chandeliers to light up their dining area a few centuries back. However, as time passed, chandeliers became an aesthetic and décor piece. Today, you can find them in the homes of A-list celebs for lighting up their rooms. You, too, can add the much-needed ‘bling’ to your home. Just visit the local antique stores to find a beautiful and affordable chandelier.

Think Out-Of-The-Box For Furniture:

It’s time to bust a myth regarding furniture. Celebs don’t blindly ape designs and decors from interior design magazines. Instead, they focus on ideas that can help their home stand out from the rest. For most celebs, it’s about adding a touch of their individuality and style. 

Therefore, when looking out for furniture, go the extra mile. Think of ideas that can help showcase your personality. For example, the centre table need not be tacky. Simple and subtle furniture can also make a huge difference. The key is to think out of the box. 

Walk-In Wardrobe:

Whether it is movies or fashion magazines, a walk-in wardrobe is always on every list. It is the ultimate luxury aspect, which can replicate and give your home a celebrity feel. While not every home may have the required space, you can consider making some changes to get a walk-in wardrobe at your home. 

For starters, you can look for a custom-sized wardrobe with the required number of shelves and drawers for placing your things correctly. Want to further spice up your wardrobe? Add an automatic light to add the wow factor. 

A Space For Me-Time:

Every homeowner has some unused space that remains vacant without any purpose. Find new corners of your home and transform them into a relaxation zone. It can be a minimalistic area where you can spend time reading books, listening to your favorite music, or sitting and gazing into nothingness.

Get a built-in bookshelf, a recliner or cozy sofa, and probably a vintage study lamp. It can create the perfect ambiance where you curl up and spend some me-time with yourself. 

Feeling Inspired Yet?

Giving your home a celebrity feel is definitely doable. In fact, it wouldn’t cost a lot. You can easily recreate most of the decorating ideas mentioned in this article. The key is to look for antique shops, special discount offers, and replica stores.


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