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10 Publications That Will Pay You for Travel Writing


 Travelling away from home can be a life-changing event. A traveller’s experiences are elevated to the level of the sublime by virtue of the sights seen, the people encountered, and the cuisine sampled. I think the most important thing is to try as many things as you can. In the end, the things you buy will come and go, but the memories you make will last forever.

But many people want to know how they can travel and make money at the same time. Getting paid to travel is easy if you do this:

Here are 10 of the best publications that will pay you for travel writing:

  1. The Expeditioner:

Writers who are comfortable addressing their readers directly in the first person are sought out by this wonderful website. Time, clarity on the topic, and deadline all have a role in how long it takes to write an essay. The quality, originality, and interest of your travel writing are three of their top priorities.

  • Listverse:

The project calls for writers with experience in making travel-themed lists. Authors earn their audience’s gratitude when they take a fresh approach to a familiar topic and reveal something unexpected, be it a hitherto unknown truth or an unexpected reinterpretation of an established one. Each submission is worth $100 to them. In addition, you’ll need the ability to sign up for a PayPal account.

  • VistaBella Magazine:

The “Old Country” is where VistaBella Magazine gets its start as a blog “about how life is designed to feel.” You can submit articles about food, health, celebrity sightings, and travel, as well as features like interviews and book reviews. Both paid and unpaid guest blogs will be published.

  • Tales to Go:

We suggested Tales to Go because its prices are really low. If you’re just starting out, the minimum payment for a well-written travel piece is $50. Writing prompts might be anything from personal essays to news articles, from funny tales to terrifying true stories. They hold the view that in order to write well, one must push oneself outside of one’s usual habits. In addition to new material, Tales to Go welcomes reprints of previously published works.

  • Horizon Guides:

Horizon Guides produces niche travel guides for a wide range of hobbies, from fishing in Ontario to photography in Burma and everything in that experts in the field of tourism can create complete itineraries that can be used on the move and easily downloaded for usage. If you’re an author, you’ll get a bio and links to your social network and website.

They provide a reasonable £400 for each research or writing project.

  • Backroads Online:

Backroads Online was developed in response to the need from motorcyclists for a newspaper that would assist them in finding exciting riding opportunities. Although written primarily for bikers, it will be of interest to other readers as well. Freelance writers can submit their work for publication in a variety of niche publications, including those devoted to motorcycle travel, food, and culture. The minimum pay is $75 per week.

  • Great Escape Publishing:

If you’re a writer and want to make money while you’re on the road, Great Escape Publishing can help you do it. They are interested in reading articles on a diverse selection of subjects, including but not limited to travel blogging, tour planning, import/export, writing, photography, and many more. They may offer anything from $50 to $200 for a piece of writing, but the amount depends on what it is.

  • National Geographic Traveller:

To ensure that your next trip is both educational and fun, subscribe to National Geographic Traveller and get insider advice from the magazine’s editors. They show you interesting pictures and give you interesting reading material. Travellers on a budget can find a wealth of useful information in these periodicals, including tips on budget travel planning, hotels, and dining. Email or the contact form on their site are your options for getting in touch. Therefore, seize this wonderful chance to gain experience in the actual world. If you happen to be a skilled photographer, you can also share some of your work and solicit criticism. Good quality items would be accepted universally.

  • 9.    Wanderlust Travel Magazine:

Competition for publication is fierce due to the publication’s modest volume (ten issues per year). If this is your first time writing, you should aim for shorter time intervals and give it your best shot. They will make astute selections of talented people both now and in the future. They offer reasonable compensation, typically in the range of £90 for each 750-word fact page or £220 for every thousand words published.

10. Ensemble Vacations:

The Ensemble Vacations Magazine is a great place to get involved with a supportive online community. The magazine is aimed at people who are interested in travelling and living abroad for an extended period of time, and it offers helpful information on a wide range of subjects. You shouldn’t go over 1,200 words in length for your trip reports. They also note that, due to the high volume of daily inquiries, a query is preferred prior to sending the actual content. Also, they recommend getting in touch with them before turning in an essay, since they have full-time staff handling most of the writing.

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