Hidden Object Games

Top 8 Best-Hidden Object Games on Android

The world of hidden object games is a big one. There are many modes and styles, with many different types of gameplay. And while some people may think the genre has been done to death, there are still plenty of hidden object games worth playing. The best part is that you don’t need special skills or knowledge to play them!

1. Hidden Object: Mystery Place

Hidden Object : Mystery Place is a hidden object game that puts you in the shoes of a private detective hired by a billionaire to track down his missing daughter. The story follows this mystery throughout its five chapters, as your character has to search for clues and solve puzzles throughout each chapter.

The gameplay is straightforward-you need only find items hidden within various scenes (like tables or desks), which can be found using your eyes or touch screen controls on your phone/tablet device. The game also features mini-games like word jumbles and picture hunts, where you must find matching pairs of words within time limits; these challenges help keep things fresh while still allowing players plenty of freedom when it comes time for exploration!

2. Hidden Object : Secret

Hidden Object : Secret is a hidden object game set in a haunted mansion. It was contained all the elements you’d expect from a hidden object game, puzzles, mini-games, and achievements. Unfortunately, the game also has lots of collectibles—you’ll need to find them all if you want to unlock everything!

3. Hidden Object : Vampire Museum

Vampire Museum is a hidden object game that combines the best of all genres into one. You’ll solve puzzles, search for clues, and uncover mysteries as you play this game.

Vampire Museum is based on a mysterious fog affecting people’s minds for years—and now it’s coming to life! Find out why in this thrilling adventure where you’ll face off against otherworldly creatures and solve puzzles.

4. Hidden Objects : Darkness

Darkness hidden object game it’s better than ever. You’ll be solving a mysterious murder in New York City this time. You’ll have to find clues, solve puzzles and track down suspects, all while keeping an eye on your health bar (which will decrease over time). So if you’re looking for something that feels like an old-school point-and-click adventure game without any actual gameplay mechanics, this might be just what you’ve been waiting for!

5. Hidden Object : Mystery Garden

Mystery Garden is a hidden object game with excellent stories and graphics. The gameplay consists of finding objects in the garden, and it has some fantastic music to go along with this. The voice acting was also well done, making it easy to follow what’s happening in each scene.

Mystery Garden has all these same features as the standard version but also includes bonus achievements for collecting all 100 items, as well as one more game mode called “Time Trial,” where you have unlimited lives to complete levels in less time than others do. This Mystery Garden hidden object game is worth playing if you enjoy this game genre!

6. Hidden Object : Pleasant Park

Hidden Object Pleasant Park is an adventure and mind-relaxing game. In this game, you will play as one of the characters who is meant to save their world from destruction by finding valuable artifacts and solving puzzles. You can choose between 4 different difficulty levels, which will determine how challenging it would be for you while playing this game, especially if you are a newbie or not yet familiar with hidden object games. You can also customize your character’s appearance by choosing among various options available once your character has been created so that they look like yourself instead of just using the same old faces repeatedly!

7. Hidden Object : Magical

You will play a troubled young woman named Mary-Jane. She has been plagued by visions of an older man who seems to be trying to tell her something. He appears as a cat, and his name is Mr. Paws. You must help her find out what he wants her to do before it’s too late!

The gameplay of Magical Hidden Object Game is very similar to many other hidden object games on Android devices: players must find objects based on their descriptions (which are often hilarious), then try not to get caught by guards or other characters while doing so. The game also features multiple endings depending on how well you complete each level; some may require specific actions from you at certain points for them all to play out properly!

8. Hidden Object : Dark Hunters

Dark Hunters is a hidden object game. It is set in a circus and has a dark theme.

This game has many elements that make it unique: the 1920s setting, detective theme, and mystery theme.

More than just a passing craze

Hidden object games are a great way to pass the time. They can also be an excellent way to relax, have fun and exercise your brain. So if you’re looking for something that will make you feel good about yourself, try playing a game of hidden object games!

Hidden objects games are the perfect way to meet new people because there’s always someone on your team who knows how to find those objects in no time.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and found it informative. We spent a lot of time researching these games, so we know that you’re looking for something new and exciting in your gaming life. So if you’re ready to get excited again, check out one of these five hidden object games!


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