Foods to Avoid While Running

Top 10 Foods to Avoid While Running


As a runner, only following a proper diet plan and including sufficient electrolytes isn’t going to be enough for you. In addition to that, you’ll also need to know what you must avoid to maintain a proper level of stamina. Don’t worry, though. In this blog, we have talked about ten foods that you should avoid as a runner. Apart from the usual information, you can find the reasons behind their exclusion here as well. So, please give it a read till the end and let us know if you have any queries or not.

Foods To Avoid For A Runner

Running is quite a strenuous form of exercise and you should avoid certain foods. Therefore, you simply cannot expect to stay in good shape while eating the wrong stuff. Let us clarify a little in this matter.

Foods To Avoid – 1: Sugary Soda.

Feeling thirsty while running is quite a common scenario. And, a bottle of sugary soda has it all to help you cope up with such a situation. However, due to having a huge amount of sugar content, it might not be too healthy for your stomach. They’re also quite tough to digest.

Foods To Avoid – 2: Dairy Items.

Dairy items are specifically worse for people who suffer from lactose intolerance. However, if you consume something as such before going out, it might affect your stomach too. That’s because it takes quite a lot of time to digest. And, if you run like that, you’ll end up vomiting.

Foods To Avoid – 3: Frozen Meals.

Frozen food isn’t good for your health at all. Yes, it is much more convenient to prepare and eat them. It’s important to follow the correct diet guidelines as they can affect both your colon and stomach health to some extent. And, they can come with a huge amount of calories too.

Foods To Avoid – 4: Energy Drinks.

Yes, an energy drink does exactly what its name suggests – boosts your energy. But, it does so for only a small amount of time. And, once it’s done, you’ll feel tired and exhausted. Also, as they tend to contain a lot of caffeine, they’ll affect your digestive system to some extent too.

Foods To Avoid – 5: Spicy Food.

Spicy foods are ecstatic. And, they can certainly up your metabolism a little. However, it’ll be better to stay away from them, as they take quite a bit of time to digest. There are many foods and diets that you must avoid if you want to be a successful runner. Due to this reason, it might be a little difficult for you to gather some energy to run for a prolonged period.

Foods To Avoid – 6: Packaged Fruit Juice.

Packaged fruit juices are great. They come in a ready-to-drink state, offer loads of minerals or vitamins, and much more. Or, so you thought! While it’s true that packaged fruit juices come with a lot of nutritious elements, they contain a lot of sugary content too. And, that’s bad!

Foods To Avoid – 7: Cakes And Cookies.

Cakes and cookies, and other high fiber or sugar foods like the aforesaid, tend to come with a huge amount of sweet content. So, they can increase the prominence of weight and make you obese. Besides, eating them daily can also increase the calorie count of your body. That can affect your heart health as well.

Foods To Avoid – 8: Salted Nuts.

While running, runners tend to lose quite a lot of bodily salt through sweating. Nevertheless, eating too much of the same can increase your risk of kidney and colon damage.

Foods To Avoid – 9: Soft Drinks.

Apart from inducing more and more sugariness in your stomach, soft drinks can also increase the activity of your stomach acid. Besides, soft drinks can also promote obesity.

Foods To Avoid – 10: Foods That Are High In Carbs And Fiber.

Foods with a lot of fiber are, indeed, amazing for our health. However, they can also create a bit of gas within the intestinal tract. It, in turn, can lead to stomach bloating and cause abrupt vomiting. Likewise, carb-based foods are difficult to digest and affect your sugar levels too.

The Final Say

As a runner or athlete, you should always focus on your breakfast more than anything else. It must contain something like oatmeal that can help you get a huge burst of energy. And, try to eat as little as possible during the dinnertime. This way, it’ll be easier for you to manage your stomach health pretty efficiently.

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