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Top Fashion Trends for Autumn / Winter 2022

First things first, we would never recommend following fashion trends as they come and go like there’s no tomorrow. In fact, people with true style are those who don’t follow trends or just follow the ones that are timeless. Following fashion trends is a one-way ticket to having no money, especially in today’s economic climate. There is nothing wrong with wanting to freshen up your wardrobe with some fresh garms, especially when the trend is going to be around for a long time.

This article is not a list of disposable trends that can be purchased easily and thrown away just as easily, this is a list of fashion trends that are going to stick around and stuff that you will definitely get the use of it. So let’s get started, in this article, we will go through some top fashion trends to consider in 2022 that are going to be here for a while.

Rugby Shirts

You may already have an old one lying around in your wardrobe, but in reality, it’s probably not the right fit or alternatively, it’s just not the right size for you. Instead, the type of rugby shirt that has been in circulation recently has new colours and patterns so that they stand out, and are made to be a statement piece. There are many top designers bringing out rugby shirts, but the best tip when purchasing is to go for the most versatile piece so that you can wear it with multiple outfits.

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets will never be out of style. With their rugged cool looks and versatility, they will always be a trending item that doesn’t go out of style. These can be worn throughout the year. Having a leather jacket in your wardrobe will elevate your style completely, whether you want a cropped biker jacket or a suede or a sheepskin-lined aviator jacket, you will be warm and stylish wherever you go.  

Dark Denim

Dark denim is certainly a winter wardrobe essential for any man. They are smart, stylish and extremely versatile. They can be both dressed up and down so you have a pair of denim jeans that will last you throughout the seasons. If you are looking to purchase a new pair of jeans, opt for dark denim because it’s coming back.

Check Shirts

Check shirts are always in style when it comes to Autumn and winter. They come in a range of different colours and patterns so there are plenty to choose from. One of the most popular styles this year is buffalo and Black watch tartan so you will be able to find plenty on the highstreet or online. The best way to wear a check shirt is as an overshirt with a pair of jeans or cargos. There are countless ways in which you can combine this into your wardrobe, so browse through your wardrobe to see what to pair it with.

Oversized Hoodies

Oversized is everywhere at the moment, and with the colder months already upon us, its definitely help to make you more comfortable and warm. It’s no secret that many of the 90s and early 2000’s fashion trends have come back around once more. Baggy jeans, cargos and everything else. With that in mind, you can’t be wearing baggy trousers and then having to wear a tight fitting hoodie. Instead, opt for a baggier fit than usual that doesnt drown you. There are plenty of oversized mens hoodies available, you just need to find the one that is right for you.

Chunky Sweaters

Sweaters are obviously coming back this autumn and winter, especially with more people having to cut down on the heating. They are versatile and super stylish. The difference with sweaters this year is they are chunky and thick. Chunkier the better this year when it comes to sweaters which comes as a surprise, but the people want what they want. With some of the biggest brands in the world adopting this trend, you are going to see this a lot in the winter.

Wide Legs 

Skinny legwear is no more, even slim fits are dwindling away for the new trend of wider and baggier fits from the 80s, 90s and before that, the 50s. These are certainly not for everyone. Especially if you are one with super skinny legs, but if you find the right pair, they can llok great. Many of us have spent a lot of our life in skinny jeans and will be hard to kick the habit, but you will get there, you just need to find a pair for you. 

Technical Jackets

Technical jackets have been popular for a couple of years now and have slowly evolved into this new form of technical jacket. This type is cropped and suited for under your winter coat. These zip up technical jackets are super versatile and can be worn for popping to the shops or under your winter coat for that extra protection against the elements.

Some of the biggest brandshave created their own versions with the like of Canada Goose, Moncler and North Face all creating their own piece. Browse around to find one that will go with a range of outfits.

There are many fashion trends out aat the moment with many contradicting each other. The true art of being a stylish gentleman is being able to sieve through the trends and realise that some are to stay and others are not. If you are going to invest in a new piece of clothing, ensure you are going to be able to wear this for years to come.


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