Hues Tops

The Power of Colour! From Subtle to Bold, Hues Tops for Women

Did you know that colours depict strong emotions? It’s true – colour psychology is a real thing. Your outfit choices, especially your tops for women, convey messages, such as wearing cool tones that can express peace and tranquillity while warm tones energize the people around you. Fashion is not about patterns or designs; it’s also about understanding the right colour combinations to bring out the best asset. Different colours can be mixed in bright combinations or as a single colour paired with neutral ones. This article will highlight multiple methods to create colourful outfits for your wardrobe and select the perfect Tops from a wide variety of options!

1. Opt for contrasting Colours→ This is primarily for dark and light colour combinations. It makes the outfit look intense and powerful. For example, if you have any dark-coloured tops, you can pair them with soft-coloured pants, which makes your legs look longer.

2. Neutral Colour→ Look if you are not vibrant and prefer fewer colours in clothes, then toss yourself with neutral shades. Neutral shades consist of beige, shades of white, camel, shades of grey, black, and brown. Neutral shades add balance and harmony to outfits. It can match bright, soft, or primary colours. To make firms look more personal, we should choose tops with unique designs and textures.

3. Analogous Colour Scheme→ Analogous colours that are naturally appealing to the eyes and tend to blend perfectly. They are different colours that work well together. For example, pairing any shades of grey tops with denim jeans tends to merge.          

4. Classics Contrast Colours→ Bring elegant colours into your life to feel classic and finesse. They are timeless and versatile colours that will never go out of trend and style. These include shades of red with green, blue with orange, purple with yellow, and white with black. Such combinations look very bright, so while creating contrasting looks, one colour has to be the primary colour, and the other one should be complementary, in a proportion of 70% to 30%.

5. Soft and Pastel Colours→ These colour combinations make the outfit look pretty, delicate, and wonderful. In addition, they have a soothing, calming effect on the personality who carries soft Colours. Some examples include ochre yellow, plum, sage, burnt orange, and burgundy. When mixed with pastel Colours, the outfits look a little softer, friendlier, and sometimes even more casual and relaxed.

6. Ombre Colours→ Bring ombre combinations into your wardrobe to get lost in the deepness of this world through the medium of this fantastic and fulfilling combination. It makes you feel illuminated and ascetic from a distance.                             

7. The Monochromatic Look→  Monochromatic dressing makes us feel stylish or plain, and boring-it’s all about how you carry or define yourself. The ideal way is by playing with shades of the same colour. We can take shades of grey as it is an all-time favourite way to feel sophisticated yet supremely stylish and relaxed.                                   


We all encounter that feeling that many of us are familiar with: panic caused due to inability to decide what to wear and what to pair with what. But don’t worry when VERO MODA is here to solve all your wardrobe problems. With colour! We are not just talking about adding dramatic pop colour to your look but also how you pair Colours and impact the liveliness, enthusiasm, and joy you find in your outfits. For example, pairing two vibrantly-coloured items together- an orange top with pink bottoms or a green dress with a blue blazer can turn into an entire statement-making look. One way of increasing the impact is selecting bold, solid blocks of the colour of tops.


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