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Do you have a passion for writing?

We are looking for exciting new writers and content contributors for our website. But before you get all excited and skip to the bottom to see how to contact us – hold tight and read our terms and requirements.

We are always looking for new guest writers to join our team and contribute fresh and informative content via guest posts.

By becoming a guest writer, you will be able to share your ideas, tips, advice, and experiences that would be beneficial to our readers.

What Is in It for Me?

You gain exposure for your work and enlarge your writing portfolio.

Sound Good, What Are the Rules?

  • Submitted articles should be at least 800 words in length.
  • Use subheadings and/or bullets where appropriate.
  • The images used must safe to use from copyrighting perspective.
  • Very important: Guest posts must be original, written by you, the author, and may not have been previously published elsewhere online or in print publications.
  • Very important: You agree not to publish the article anywhere else online after publishing on thetab.home.blog.
  • You can, however, publish a link on your website that directs readers to your article on our site.
  • Any content submitted to our site becomes the property of our blog. We retain the right to share, market, and use the content (with credit to you) for the purpose of promoting this blog.
  • We will add a short bio (up to five sentences) with your social profile links and a picture, which will be published at the end of every your guest posts. A more detailed profile could be added in your posts archive.
  • We encourage you to write good content that makes you proud, so we don’t accept pure content marketing for SEO purposes, if you need such opportunity you can write for a beauty blog like Girly Tips. We don’t accept SEO links in your articles.
  • Please note that at this time, guest posts are paid.

First things first – the boring stuff:

We do not allow promotional content.

If you want to promote your brand or business then contact us for fees through the email id or contact form below.

No irrelevant links.

We will only accept 1 dofollow link per article, that is relevant to the article and to our audience, it is a quality and of value. We will only accept to place this link in the relevant body or at the start of the article.

Here’s why you should write for us:


You will receive worldwide exposure for your articles.

Traffic Back to You

As part of the Bio introduction at the start of your published piece, readers will be able to connect to your Blog, website or a social media of choice via the link provided.

Building Authority and Beyond

By writing for a targeted audience, you will be able to reach the right audience and establish authority in your niche.  Usually, this leads to bigger and better things.

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