Should You Repair or Replace your HVAC System?

Whenever the HVAC starts to act up, it is common for people to start to worry, and for good reason. HVAC system repair can be costly, but it is not always wise to jump right into repairing it. It might be cheaper to replace it. One should always think about their investment before calling up their local contractor to repair the system.

When to Replace

There are certain situations when it is obvious that replacing the system is the only option because the benefits are far better than those gotten if it was just repaired. These three situations are if the system is ten to fifteen years old, there are some safety hazards, and the system is constantly having to be repaired.

Ten to Fifteen Years Old

It is a common rule that a system that is over ten years old should be replaced. An HVAC system is said to be able to last for fifteen years, so if the system is ten and working fine, it can wait those five more years. Another reason to consider replacing the system as it gets close to its final days is that an older system is bound to make utility bills higher. New models have better technology that helps keep bills lower as they are more efficient.

Safety Hazards

As it always is, safety should be the top priority, and it is no different when it comes to an HVAC system. If there is any concern about safety for the people exposed to the system, then replacement should be done immediately. When an HVAC system is acting up, there can be some harmful consequences, such as fire hazards and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Constantly Being Repaired

If the system is needing frequent repairs, then it is time to look into replacing it to save money in the long run. Constantly having to pay for repairs can add up, but getting a new system can save money as it will not need repairs for a little while. If the repairs to the system or costing over one thousand dollars, then a replacement is the way to go.

When to Consult a Professional

If there is any doubt on whether to replace the system or just have it repaired, then a professional should be contacted. A professional can give great advice to help answer questions and solve any situations that may be happening. The two main situations where a professional ought to be talked to first are if the ductwork hasn’t been inspected in years and if the system appears to be inefficient.

No Ductwork Inspection in Years

It is said that the average ductwork will lose up to thirty percent of the air before it ever gets pushed into the room. This means a lot of the air that is being paid for monthly is never being used. A technician should have a look at the system to determine why this is happening. They have special tests they can run to determine why this is happening and how best to fix the problem. It could be as simple as there being leaks in the pipes that just need to be sealed, or it could need a whole system overhaul, which a new system, in this case, would be cheaper.

Inefficient System

If a system is younger than ten years old but doesn’t seem to be cooling the room as it should, then it isn’t running properly and should be checked. There is an easy way to check this, but it is always wise to have a professional do the checking to get the most accurate record possible. Also, they can find out why it is happening while they are there.

Call Today

If still unsure about replacement or repairs, then talking to someone as early as today can help get the needed answers. Get a quote on simple repair or a complete hvac replacement cost.

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