The Coats That Are Worn the Most This Winter

As the cold arrives, we need warmer clothes that help us withstand the low temperatures. It’s time to make way for the most fashionable coats this year. It seems we never have enough coats in our closets. In addition, each season they bring out new precious models that create the need for us to get hold of them.

Although this season knitted sets (and knitwear in general) are taking centre stage, when the cold weather arrives, coats take first place. Ideal to wear with any look, there are many different cuts so you can get the one that suits you best. Hooded coats, plaid coats, long… the options are endless.

Discover the coats that are most popular this winter suggest by Albeli and do not let them escape.

The Perfect Coat

Long coats are that immortal garment that returns to the streets winter after winter. Although your long cut can initially make you look more formal, this does not have to be the case.

It is an ideal coat to combine with those longer garments such as dresses and long skirts. In addition, they are the perfect garment to accompany your office looks, formal and elegant, with this coat you will never fail.

If you feel like wearing a more casual look or formality doesn’t go with you, you don’t have to give up these coats. As in everything, we have to put our touch on it. With sneakers and jeans, you will get an informal and warm look at the same time thanks to the coat.

A combination that is being seen a lot and that our favourite influencers have not been able to resist is the tracksuit with sneakers and a long coat. It seems to us a wonderful option for those cold days in which we want to be more comfortable.

The camel-coloured long coat has been a staple for both autumn and winter. Season after season, this coat invades the streets again and it is not surprising. Being such a basic colour, it is ideal to combine with all your looks. Your closet needs a camel coat (if you don’t already have one).

Black and grey coats are a must of the season. Perfect for more formal or party looks and also for day-to-day. To go to work, to uni, have a drink, take a walk… Wear it with all kinds of looks. You will never get bored of this coat.

The coats in the colour range between white and beige have been a success on the catwalks. Light colours are not just for summer, they are also worn in winter. The designers propose to wear these light coats with garments of the same tones, creating a look in a very wintery monochrome key.

But if the basic colours are not for you or you are looking to add a touch of colour to your winter wardrobe, there are also options for you. Green and blue tones have been incorporated into our outfits in the form of a coat. They are two of the shades that will be seen the most this season. Ideal to give a touch of colour to winter and liven up your looks a little more, you need to get one so as not to be invaded by dark colours.

The Coat Of Our Parents

The masculine cut is not new on the catwalks or in our closets. With the aim of making it look like we have taken it directly from our parents’ closet, they have become essential. Short coats with a masculine cut cannot be missing from your wardrobe.

They are wider models, which makes it look like we are wearing a coat a few sizes larger. Unlike oversize models, they are garments that have more “body” with a wider cut at the shoulders, straighter shapes and wider lapels. A garment is full of character that will be the star of your outfits.

If you are not used to wearing clothes in this style, you may find yourself a bit strange at first. But if you dare to try them, you will see how they become one of your essentials. Being wider coats, they are ideal for our warmest outfits; ideal to wear with warm winter jumpers or cardigans.

We love them to wear them with more feminine dresses to break the lady style. With some cane ankle boots, you will have a perfect look for this winter.

The Coats That Leave You Square

The first to take possession of our wardrobes were the checkered overshirts. In different colours, they have become the queens of halftime. With the arrival of winter, the print of the season has conquered the coats.

Plain coats give way to patterns. If there is a pattern that has flooded the catwalks and the streets, that is the checkered pattern. In pants, skirts, vests, sweaters… you can find it in all kinds of garments. This pattern has come to help us break the monotony of our outfits.

If you are wearing a complete plaid look, you can wear the coat with a plaid skirt in the same tones. Add some military boots to break the lady style and give it a more cane touch.

Are you basic looks and looking to give them a different touch? A plaid coat is what you need. Capable of lifting even the most basic and casual look, once you try it you will want to wear it every day. With basic dresses or with handy jeans and knitted jumpers, this coat is ideal to give the touch you’re missing.

Do you need a coat for more formal events or for the office? This coat is also for you. We love wearing them with pleated suits in both basic colours and patterns. You choose if you prefer the most fashionable print with large squares or with smaller squares.

The Padded Coats That Stylize The Most

Puffer coats have made a strong comeback this season. They are super warm for the coldest days and are also ideal for rainy days.

Although the coats of other seasons were with wider cuts that did not stylize, this winter things have changed. More stylized and fitted models have been added to the classic padded models, with shapes that flatter the body. If you are one of those who was worried about appearing taller with them, you are in luck.

We have them in more classic colours, perfect to become a wardrobe staple and get the most out of them. For the most daring we have them in metallic tones, turning to more golden or silver tones.

There is also a lot of variety in terms of lengths. You will be able to see them shorter or even cropped. On the opposite side, we have those with a longer cut that reaches the calves. If you don’t like one length or the other, don’t worry. The intermediate option is at the height of the thighs. Which one do you prefer?

One of the most favourite combinations is basic jeans with sneakers or waxed pants, another of this season’s trends.

We are in love with all the coats that are coming out. Ladies, it’s too late to think, get one for yourself now!


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