Fated Raid

Fated Raids Review in WoW Shadowlands

The upcoming patch 9.2.7 is about to bring Season 4 into the game along with the Fated Raids. The first week of August is going to please players with a new feature that will enrich familiar raids with lots of fresh but painful challenges. That seems to be the final raid experience before the release of Dragonflight and it will last for the whole new season. One more reason to learn about it in a short review!

What is a Fated Raid in WoW?

Many players ask: what is so special about Fated raids they are going to farm in WoW soon? Well, from the first glance they are the same raids that you have already farmed during all the previous Shadowlands patches. «Fated» is just an affix that buffs this or that raid every week. The affix basically makes the raid bosses stronger, adds additional mechanics to their encounters, and increases the level of armor and weapons in the treasurers that they hide.

Only one instance is going to be affected by the affix each week. One raid — and the World Bosses who belong to the same patch of the game. Thus, if the Fated affix is given to the key instance of patch 9.0 Castle Nathria faded boost, Mortanis, Nurgash Muckformed, Valinor, and Oranomonos the Everbranching also get empowered. It will be shown in the Adventure Guide once the patch is live.

Wow Fated Raids are going to challenge players with the powerful affixes:

Every raid boss will receive one effect as a buff. These Affixes aim to greatly diversify the gameplay of raiders and make them come up with new strategies in the fights with the old bosses. Even those who usually don’t go any further than LFR won’t avoid the new mechanics, as the WOW LFR mode will get Fated too. The Fated Raids have already got the official schedule with the weekly rotation. The rotation is planned to last until its removal at the expansion’s end when all its raids must become Fated.

August 2Fated Castle Nathria
August 9Fated Sanctum of Domination
August 16Fated Sepulcher of the First Ones
August 23Fated Castle Nathria

 Fated Raids Equipment Guide

A little separate guide is needed to explain how the most powerful Fated Raids equipment is farmed. The new raid mode will give heroes of Azeroth plenty of possibilities to improve their gear and get ready for the challenges of the upcoming expansion… or for the old challenges of the current one.

For instance, the level of equipment dropping in Fated LFR is 265–272. It makes it competitive even with the Heroic raid loot from patch 9.2! Here is a very representative comparison of the ilvl numbers:

Difficulty levelSepulcher of the First OnesAny Fated Raid

As the table shows, Heroic Fated Raids will attract players with equipment that is strongest for now. Mythic Fated equipment is even stronger. And the items dropping from World Bosses are of the same ilvl as the best loot in Fated Normal Raids — 285.

But the most specialfeature of the Fated Raids is a guarantee for players to receive at least three pieces of the newest Shadowlands equipment. How so? Well, game developers took care of the most dangerous enemy of the players when it comes to farming raids with rotations: awful luck.

Patch 9.2.7 will introduce a questline with quite a simple task: to kill the bosses of the new raid mode. All in all the questline gives 3 Puzzling Cartel Dinars once it’s fully completed. With this currency, you can buy 3 items with the Norma Fatedl ilvl — one for one Dinar.

Of course, those items will be sold by the typical vendors of this expansion: three mysterious Brokers. Each of them will be responsible for the loot from a particular WoW Shadowlands Fated Raid, waiting for you in the heart of the expansion, the Oribos. Ko’ropo, Sire Supplier will sell the Fated Castle Nathria items, Ta’choso, Domination Dealer — items from the Fated Sanctum of Domination, and So’turu, Fence of the First Ones — the equipment from the Fated Sepulcher of the First Ones.

These needed vendors are hard to confuse due to their titles. All the Brokers will suddenly disappear once you purchase the maximum of 3 items. But don’t hurry to blame them for tricking you by leaving without Heroic and Mythic equipment! Hopefully, you can upgrade new items without the suspicious Brokers. For this, you need to farm Fated Heroic or Mythic raids further, until you loot enough shards with which Cosmic Creation Impetus or Sacred Creation Impetus can be created. These consumable items are used to upgrade the purchased gear.

Fated Raids Challenges

Fated Raids won’t have any special achievements, except for those given for clearing the bosses of each raid and the meta achievements for completing all of them. In a way, every boss encounter with a Fated affix may become a challenge worthy of giving a separate achievement. But it would require making achievements for every 4 possible Fated configurations of each boss on each level of difficulty!

Nevertheless, it only proves how hard is the work that awaits players in the Fated Raids of the upcoming patch. And if you have no time for doing that hard work by yourself, different options can be considered. For example, how about purchasing the Fated Sanctum of Domination boost? Or boost of any other Fated raid? Think carefully and choose wisely: maybe there are bosses whose empowered versions you would gladly fight, and some — which you would like to never meet again.


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